Can stressful TV news, programs and shows trigger sz


Because stress triggers schizophrenia and any additional schizophrenic episodes, so can stressful TV shows and other programs cause stress and trigger sz and cause paranoia and new sz episodes. I think that yes, which is why I try to avoid negative news to be in peace and calm


What can trigger me is the local news, it can be more depressing than cable news


I imagine so.

Someone looking at me intently can trigger a persecutory delusion.

I used to believe I was receiving messages from news, books, movies, TV shows.

For me, it wasn’t really about the stress — it was more about a deluded belief that the world revolved around me. Everything was about me and had some reference to my life.


I believe watching movies growing up and not thinking of them as movies but rather putting movies as expectations for real life was part of triggering my schizophrenia. So yes. I was stressed about the idea that I have to be as good as the guys in the movies, and get a movie star girlfriend, and the negative degradation that movie gives certain people. Along with the idea that movies has such coincidences and story plotline definitely helped trigger my SZ. I thought about this 2 years ago.


Yes, the news can stress me out. Stays with me for a while.


some things have been triggering for me but not others, they tried to make it everything by putting the idea in my head but it didn’t work. it was one particular soap, one particular actor and a few singers, that was it. i can watch other programmes but i choose not to. just cancelled my tv subscription again. we don’t watch it anyway. and mostly it was the directors or producers that triggered the effects. the programming was put in by the mercenaries, then set off by the programme or music video. other programmes don’t bother me although my mind will do impressions of whoever i’m watching but i’m used to that.


I have to be super careful about movies. I don’t own a T.V. any more. I watch movies on the computer.

Angry news anchors and yelling really starts freaking me out. I start getting very tense and angry and on edge.

Movies that have blood, or bullies or anything like that really sticks in my head and it gets to me. I get very upset over stuff. Horror/ Thriller movies… no way.

Kidnapping movies? finished… I’m right back in the worst of my delusions.

I’ve been reading about what’s happening nationally. But having some angry person yelling it at me… is more then I can take.


Yes for me I can’t look at horror movies anymore they stay with me. I used to love them growing up.Some singers are triggers I don’t know why? I just can’t stand them and I actually use to like them too… Schizoaffective is a complex thing.


i dont mind thrillers if the content is not too evil . but i stay far away from horrors and anything really gory or sadistic or psychologically destructive, and I also do not watch the news. i hardly ever read a newspaper either


I don’t get stressed if I’m watching something I enjoy. Unless I’m in a delusion of reference state, which I don’t get anymore nowadays.


Yes for me watching the news or action movies with violence triggers my sz.


I could go so far as to say that any kind of TV shows and movies may trigger sz and paranoia depending on a person’s situation and type. For example, recently I watched a TV series on DVD about the net dating and it illustrated many very complex and strange relationships, which was fun to watch, but if some person is in a troubling relationship and watches this type of people relationship dramas, this may trigger all kinds of paranoia and delusions in a person’s mind.


I had a paranoid episode triggered by some sniping film!


in what way are some singers triggers for you brea? i find some singers triggering for me too.


@jaynebeal I think it’s strange that I used to like Beyoncé and now when I hear her or see her I get delusions and get really annoyed. They’re some other ones but she’s the main one. It’s strange. What about you?


Horror movies make me scared and paranoid. I don’t like them.


I’m sure that this is the case. I tend to avoid the news because it makes me depressed and anxious - as I’m sure it does for many people.


Some films can make me more anxious/paranoid. I try and avoid horror movies especially the modern ones


mine are generally coldplay, christina aguilera and two particular madonna songs. they trigger the voices to say certain things which i’ve worked out now. wish they were delusions brea. what things does watching beyonce do to you? can you explain the delusions? have you any idea where they come from?


definitely does, triggers like mad, thats why i don’t watch a lot of tv,