Can someone explain to me why I am psychotic

Title is the question

That is not the question. The question is now that you know you’re psychotic, what is your plant for overcoming it?


Blasting those delusions to smithereens? I’m just Scared I’m wrong and the delusion will come true.


I wouldn’t worry about something that ‘might’ happen in 10 years. Just live in the now.

But if I go to hell for it that’s forever!


I’m sorry I don’t believe in hell. Besides Kazachstan at the moment.

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The quick answer to that is there is NO such thing as hell. Not the fire pit made up in recent times. That’s not even in the Bible.

So, rest easy and stay away from any religious things telling you there is such a place.


Eh, it won’t. You have a better chance of being struck by lightning while holding a winning lottery ticket as you ride your unicorn over a rainbow. That’s how unlikely your delusions are! Just relax and start having some fun in the moment you’re in. I strongly suggest buying a pack of googly eyes and sticking them on stuff. Great place to start.



I really hate my phone somedays. It changed “plan” to “plant” without me noticing.

It’s ok I understood what you meant.

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Maybe you can’t cope with the reality given to you and you make up your own reality where you are capable to cope.

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