Can someone explain me this article is so complex

it says To date, several models have been applied. We have tried to conceptualize schizophrenia in a compensatory advantage framework whereby incomplete penetrance of the full disorder, or alternatively, the inheritance of risk alleles insufficient in number to manifest as the classic clinical syndrome, may manifest as a behavioral phenotype with adaptive advantages (eg, creative behavior or novel illuminating ideas)

so do we have creative behaivior ?

creative behaivior It is a behavior that permits one to act unobstructed from self or externally imposed constraints in pursuit of self-expression, invention, discovery, design, and problem solving . The actions most often associated with creative behavior can be drawn from Guilford’s explanation and description of divergent thinking.

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I think it´s a refutation of the believe that sz people may have adaptative advantages.

I also used to think that the sz of the past were the shamans and oracles of their tribes, but tbh, now I think a sz cannot control him/herself (especially without modern meds) enough to be able to have guided their tribes in a meaningful (and advantageous) way…

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