Can Schizophrenia be a fungal infection that goes undetected?

Can Schizophrenia be a fungal infection that goes undetected ?

I have fungal / yeast / ringworm infection in my body and it happened years ago when I was in hostel, like 17 to 19 years ago and my private parts are really ugly because of any ugly scar and skin damage but, I never cured it and, literature suggests that yeast infection causes serious memory loss / issues.

So, can fungus be the cause of Schizophrenia?


No, it can’t.


I have ghosts.

I have a ghost problem.

Yeah, ghosts.

My problems is spirits and magic.

Here i’ll say it again, i have ghosts and magic problems.

One more time, i have spirit issues, spirits, ghosts, magic, problems, spirits in my head, ghosts, magic.

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Sunlion is right !!! SZ causes brain damage and memory loss !!! I suffered psychotic break when i was 19 it went undetected …!! Due to not medicating on time i suffered a huge loss …!!! Way u need to take ur medication regularly …!!!

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Its a yeast infection that grows in your ears. Some say that when the yeast rises is the best time to sup

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No…if it was you could bet your ass it would have been turned into a weapon by now…imagine the damage you could cause by I’m assuming a gas containing this Sz fungal cocktail…released in a major city…all of a sudden you have a whole city of newely skitzofied people…having no idea what’s going on…you could probably take the city with batons and riot shields…

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Do not believe this one study is enough to support the fungal infection theory…plus the levels only differed in men and not women…that’s kind of a problem…

There are multiple such studies, I guess. But, the point is it’s sooooo likely to be true in my case. Me having worst memory is a clear indication that it’s atleast the ultimate cause of utter memory failure and

it playing role in Schizophrenia and other memory loss, for the moment has be secondary in the line of importance.

The first thing is to cure it and regain the lost health.

I wonder why I was never hospitalised and never had any hallucinations.

I don’t know, yet.


anyways… you still have an all access pass to my boomboom room :P… linked ur name cause the idea is based on ‘‘Common Infection Linked To Schizophrenia’’ post… scientists always coming up with these reasons…, ameba, cat lice… etc… but what if the explanation was that simple? extensive idleness. prior to diagnosis… a.k.a people who got schizophrenia were just doing nothing for too long, or just weren’t satisfied with what they were doing. … well, if you look at it from a solely scientific/psychological point of view.

They mentioned candida which is fungal / yeast infection.

doubt that stuff is capable of causing a lifetime of madness…

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My life is filled with such nonsense so, it must be a multi causative.

For example one such nonsense is fungus…

true… but when it began, it was just one nonsense - a voice that wouldn’t go… but then kept developing… so what if the beggingin was simple boredom ?

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I wouldn’t undermine any such unknown possibility.

Can watching television be included?

Because most of my life, TV was the source of unbelievable and incomparable entertainment.

might just be a primitive view point, but something I noticed about schizophrenia, it’s like you just forget how to do the normal everyday stuff and focus on the voices even though they never go… so what if it’s because you were already living like in such a state… doing nothing when u weren’t hearing the voices

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These voices happened few times in my life but recently they are starting to happen with suspicion and that happens when my health is very bad and it’s like I can’t have pleasure and my mind in a negative state goes into that mode.

This mode actually happens because of communication problems and the fact that I am a failure in life and the fact that there was so much heat in my house, in my life, all because of failure.

Touche… right now I feel great… Literally, I could even say ‘‘why is schizophrenia a struggle again’’ but probably going to disappear the moment 1 voice pops up… then I’ll be like, oh ya, that’s why… :stuck_out_tongue: just messes ur mentality

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