Can schizo effect your writing skills?

I’m determined to get my bachelors, but I don’t think I could write a one page paper with any good quality. I remember after I was diagnosed, writing stories for my fiction writing class became difficult. I don’t want my illness to rob me of one of my dreams.

I know I can work hard, but I also suffer from negative symptoms that have really progressed since I was diagnosed.

These are some of the reasons I dropped out of college, just 3 credits short of an associates.

Or have you noticed it’s affected yours?

Every college has an office for disabled services that you can access.

If it seems too challenging, you can speak directly to professor, or teacher, or just ask for some
assistance through the office.

No one should be denied an attempt at bettering their life. It’s hard when you lock into loans though, so I would do everything you can to set immediate every day goals, and work towards the end.

You can do it. I did it. I had a child having surgery and I did it. Even got a 3.5 that summer. See what you are capable of. Surprise yourself.


Sz definitely affects my writing skills. A writer’s frame of mind impacts heavily on his writing. Some writers are more stable than others, so their frames of mind are not as variable as someone who has sz. Medication affected my writing too. Haldol killed my imagination dead. I write much better on Geodon and Seroquel. Sometimes when I am on an emotional binge my writing gets real skitzy. I’ve been shocked at some of the things I’ve written when I have been on an emotional binge. Right now I’m having trouble with my sentences being clunky. I’m having trouble organizing my writing so that it flows smoothly. That should go away in time. A large part of my problems with my writing is that I don’t work hard enough at it. I remember someone saying that writing is easy, you just sit in front of a blank page until you bleed onto it.


Mine were affected every time I dove into the psychotic pit from '94 to '03. I had to quit school twice. Once I got the right diagnosis and put on the right meds, and then did some of the therapies listed below, I was able to make it through 4,000 pages of technical papers for school.

Schematherapy –
Learned Optimism –
Standard CBT –

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I was a fair writer in high school. I could write passable papers. I was diagnosed in 1980. It’s just these last 5 years that I’ve discovered a talent for writing, thanks in some part I might add to these forums.

I’ve taken college classes these past 5 years that involve a lot of writing and I’ve got some great grades. In fact, two years ago, I wrote a thousand word essay for my Humanities class about some aspects of religions and different bibles and my teacher not only gave me an A, he asked my permission to use my paper in all his future classes as an example of how an essay should be written! Thanks!


I know I have seem to have lost the spark and quick wit that I use to.

It hasn’t effected my ideas with writing but it has drastically effected how I convey those ideas. My way with grammar and words can be hard to follow sometimes.

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I was an above average writer. Teachers and professors always praised my writing and large vocabulary. But it seems that I’ve been dumbed down due to sz or the meds. I haven’t written an essay in years. Sometimes I write down my elaborate thoughts, symptoms, and theories, but that’s it. It would be nice to be a writer. I have some good ideas, but I just don’t feel I have the capability anymore. My last psychotic break really messed me up and I was put on heavy doses of medications. But damn I had some great ideas because of it.

I think you do have the capacity, you just need to push yourself and believe in yourself. Really!

My writing is affected by how I’m doing…

I find… when I’m flat… my writing is flat…

When I’m manic… my writing is scattered and heavy in adjectives.

You can still write… just start early and let tutors or someone read the rough drafts… eventually your style will tighten up.

Good luck.

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I love wrting and reading philosophy books,but the book seasons over now its time to reap the benifits from those tens and twenty books i read. Tha thing with SZ is we entertain ideas that pass from the right cortex of the brain to the left moreeasily,while other people would think these ideas r to extreme to entertain,so we are able to come up with more noble ideas, thinking about stuff other people wouldnt consider thinking on

My writing isn’t so much affected, judging by the grades I get for my papers, but my perception of my own writing has. I’m more uncertain about what I write - whether sentences connect properly, whether what I write is senseless at all or whether it consists of mere trivialities. These worries usually strike me when reflecting on writing. If I write a large section in one sweep I do not notice this. Now I am at a stage in writing my thesis where I have to edit and restructure a lot and it does affect me. Rearranging stuff makes me get the impression it gets messy, and worries about everything connecting properly rise. I got a good supervisor though, another pair of eyes can see it in quite a different light and I trust his judgment.

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gfugfghkewjhfhfglf…yes !?! :smiley:
take care :alien:


Haha :smiley: thanks @darksith

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Try then try then try then try and you will reach. Every man on earth is destined to achieve what he dreams about given that he does not lose enthusiasm to try again every time he fails

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Oh I’ll try, I’m just nervous I’ll get in over my head and have to quit without getting refunded.

But I do still wrote poetry often :smile:

I’m lucky. I got my journalism bachelors before my nervous & symptom onset. I do find it VERY hard to write creatively. The non-fiction & business writing is still no problem as I worked longer in this area…

It seems the medicine is cutting off my vocabulary.

so is it possible to this therapy by oneself.