Can prebiotics assist in the management of cognition and weight gain in schizophrenia?


These are my 2 main areas of concern.


There was just an article linked about how previous are useless. There is always a study disproving another. It’s crazy


Yeah I remember them. I thought this was interesting the double whammy for cognition and weight gain in schizophrenia. It just made me happy to find it. I was looking up random stuff on pubmed. I’ve never seen this before.


So prebiotics and probiotics are the same thing? I guess if you’re depressed and they personally help you with depression, I can see how probiotics can increase intelligence. Maybe make you feel better emotionally.


I don’t think they are the same thing.



Probiotics are good bacteria you can take through food or supplements. Prebiotics help foster the kind of environment that allows good bacteria to flourish. So you might take prebiotics for your current gut bacteria, or take them with probiotics in order to give the probiotics a better chance of setting up shop in your gut.


Prebiotics and probiotics are not the same thing.

Prebiotics are kinds of fiber that probiotics can use to feed off of.

Also you have to be careful about reading study headlines - like that one that omega 3/DHA was “useless” except they only looked at heart disease and there’s plenty of evidence for other disorders.

As for probiotic pills, yeah, mostly you won’t significantly change your intestinal flora, but a high fiber diet rich in prebiotics can help.

I take a prebiotic called Bimuno.

I linked a blog post from some autism blogger recently on how it was largely pro and pre biotic changes that offered neurological benefit in the ketogenic diet.

Edit: here it is How ketosis and gut bacteria change levels of GABA in the hippocampus


I have been drinking those ‘Kiefer’ (drinkable yogurty stuff) for (?) 30 years, not because it was good for me, but because I just like the taste.
There’s 4 in my fridge right now, russian style, Amish style, greek style and plain.
My fave are the fruit flavors.

Must have mistakenly bought a Sz style one time…


ive read that too a few days ago lol youre right


@MrSquirrel this was the best article I couldn’t find about probiotics. Yet it’s about prebiotics. Fairly close.


I take prebiotic supplements like inulin, FOS, GOS. arabinogalactan (Larch) fiber, acacia fiber, and resistant starches like very green bananas, raw potato starch, etc. And I get my probiotics from things like raw milk kefir. My grandparents own a small farm and we get raw goat milk and raw milk kefir from them. Their goats are so cute. If I lived where I could legally own a goat, I would have one as a pet. I love goats.


I have been using prebiotics and probiotics to help with my diverticular disease, but I found that my head runs better when I’m on them as well, thus my curiosity.


Sorry if my comment was incoherent. I just read it again. Thanks for the reply.


We’re all incoherent before our fourth pot of coffee for the day, so no worries.