Can my meds help me to move from passivity to activity? It was how for you?


Will i be able to feel more alive (emotional) and calm firstly with the meds? And just then move? Or i should move more to have those things? Tbh its too hard what i feel sometimes. I often cant move… too sad or too somatizing…
Tell me if you also knew a period of long inactivity, but that changed?
I also wonder if i am the only one here who had those terrible parents?.. why my mother says, that i wont have a family or a job or friends with my inactivity? Why is she such a b****???
I had a terrible day. No emotions, feeling dumb and heavy, just negatives and numbness.


The only thing that’s going to help with your negatives is medication probably.

Abilify, rexulti or vraylar are supposed to help with negatives.

You could try upping the dose of Olanzapine? But that could make things worse too.


Piracetam really helped with my negatives. It motivated me to travel to Britain, even, which I did, twice.

I overdid it, though, and went manic. I was addicted to the powerful emotions it gave me.

In moderation it might be a good thing.


No, ill fight my negatives alone. I tried too many meds, i am tired. None of you didnt spent 8 years switching meds. They dont help me, pls be kind, no meds. I just wonder if i feel dumb and numb because of the isolation? But i think i was a bit like this since forever. I have paranoia, yes, but i was also the kind of the dead schizophrenic. The energetic vibes of the anothers could tire me still for example… the sounds too… Everhopeful, you know what? My last doc who saw me for 15 minutes said that i can be more just a paranoid schizophrenic without negatives. But he doesnt know me well also… idk… no, dont talk me meds pls. Most of them make me crazier… i am a bit better on the energy already, becayse i fight. But i am worried that it never lasts. I wake up badly after a good day and i have it terrible. Just dumb in my head. I think a lot though, but i feel heaviness in my head…


Sorry, i didnt want to sound hard, but i wont do changes in my meds anymore. You couldnt know that i lost eight years like this… they made of me a monster!!! Even my friends are shocked by all the meds that i tried and all think that they turned me in guineia pig…so no more meds for me. I still think that with time the zyprexa can help me more… my doc talks me about years for recovery…


My meds have always made me slower, heavier, and tired. It has been a constant struggle to overcome this.


I was already like this without meds… with the bonus of a hellish paranoia and anxiety… theres nobody here who was heavy because of his illness too? Why i was feeling pains in my body? All my sz friends were energetic even in their illness… me, i am heavy, slow and depressed… pff, i am retarded guys probably…


For me electric shock therapy helped me come out of my shell.


Is est painful?


Sometimes I clean my house. Still have to take dishes to the bathroom as my kitchen sink is clogged. dad hasn’t been able to fix it.


No Electric shock treatment is done under full anesthezia … Some people wake up from it with problems so it’s dangerous. While the patient is unconscious they put electric cords on the head and wait for the big toe to twitch…then it’s done. Some people wake up drowsy but in a very happy mood. I just felt nausea.


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