Now that i am on meds :)

I would like to continue this discussion to see if I have progress. and yours too :smile:
I am still sensible, it a good point I think… but I lack pleasure like it was in my illness. and still a lot paranoid about the others. I still hope that ill get used to my meds and that ill never feel brainwashed on them…

Your meds will help you live a life that is almost normal. You will still have symptoms but they will be lessened. If these meds work for you, take your pills every day and you will get better. I learned the hard way on that.

Because of how they act upon the brain’s neurochemistry in the emotion regulation (or “limbic”) system, one tends to go “anhedonic” (see below). And meds cannot totally eliminate paranoia because it is behaviorally conditioned and “cognitive” (also see below), and thus beyond the range of what drugs can do. BUT… over time, many patients tend to regain their motivation and sense of pleasure because they do the psychotherapies that deal with the paranoia and other disorders of thought. Don’t worry about being “brainwashed.” Meds may flatten your emotions for as long as you need to be on them, but they cannot change the way you think. Only psychotherapy can do that, and it is not brainwashing.

These psychotherapies include:

Schematherapy –
Learned Optimism –
Standard CBT –
10 StEP –


thanks notmoses and breeze :slight_smile: as I said, I don’t feel unsensible. it was just one day but its probably mi illness too. I have emotions still besides the fact that theyr re still hurted… I cried this morning because of nothing almost… the lack of pleasure, ive always had this since years… I try to stay strong, not to listen my emotions and to believe them for everything… I am not sure if this is the right thing to do but its ok for the moment…
yeap, the paranoia is tough- its cognitive and behavioural like you say :/…

hi again :slight_smile: i sawa my sz friend,i think she is unhappy also… the problem is that she talks to me against my meds. she also becomes aggressive when she has a crisis… and she can be aggressive with me who dont talk much and cant think(thats me)… she said that probably i have problems because of my abusing with weed in the past and that i am not schizophrenic. she says for herself that she is bipolar besides the fact that she is diagnosed as schizophrenic, i know that cause she was in the same hospital like me…
today i was weak because of my meds, really depressed, my hands were little bit shaky because of my paranoia etc… i am afraid that this will be my fate
on my meds…

ouch, i am so lost… i was depressed today because my friends are living their lives. and me, i am stuck in my house… my mom shouted to me today, she said i am castrated of feelings… first,i took it but then away i screamed that i hate everyone… i cleaned my room besides that…it was good to exteriorise my feelings… i feel less depressed now. probably its the only way, to relearn to express feelings. cause i was really autistic the last 5 years…

You need therapy Anna10, seriously.

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my mom doesnt believe in therapy for me in fact… i am still depending on her… dont know anymore…

It’s not your mom that has schizophrenia. You should have a conversation with her about the issue. Say people here told you multiple times that you would benefit from it.

I will start therapy in january

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yeah i know. i am just not ready for it i suppose… i am still getting used to my med, i have some side effects, i took all these meds for this years, i am damaged if i can say this… i wanna rest and to more listen to my body and my needs… i lack money also… we’ll see, i guess that there are schizophrenics who can do it just with meds and a little bit of reason,?..

Yeah but most of us aren’t as depressed as you are.
You’re not a hopeless case, none of us are. So talk to your mom about it, search for CBT in your area.

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One can get a =lot= of meaningful help on the cheap from workbooks one can buy on… even if all you can do is one page each day.

(May I ask what religion your mother practices?)

Here are some suggestions:

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Keep in mind that if these med’s don’t work for you there are others. Show the pdoc you’re willing to be med compliant, and he or she might work with you to find the best med’s for you. I don’t know if you have tried any antidepressants, but sometimes they can make a big difference.

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It took my years before I found the right meds for me that work without side effects. I am on prolixin (generic fluphenazine) and I Feel great. I hope you will work with your psychiatrist on this to find the real “you”. good luck.

i tried the ads crimby yes. they didn’t pull me out really… today I don’t feel depressed. just dumb for the things of the life, sometimes I don’t even talk… I am glad of my zyprexa today. I think I should be patient cause it can take months to get used to the med…
notmoses, my mom is orthodoxe… my father was atheist-communist :slight_smile: he was even working in the communist field, he was a secretary of the communist part…
I went out today and was capable to talk with the sellers of my laptop but I took a hole rivotril yesterday which helps me a lot… I struggle the best I can but its worrying that I remain stupid :(…
kisses to you :smile:
p.s. I bought one Acer, it wasn’t the best as mark but we lack money for better laptop. I needed windows also etc…

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I am going out but I am so anxious outside… I try not to crash into the people, not even touch them, I walk like a zombie who pays attention to this all the time :confused: anybody who was like this? how this will gonna disappear? I am really pissed off to be afraid from people… it affects even my talking cause I always try not to hurt anybody or to put myself in a situation where I could be rejected… after a month on zyprexa it just helps me to go out without a relief on this kinda of anxiety… my mom starts to think that I could be austistic cause I didn’t have crisisis like the other schizophrenics(in my case its chronic) and I was problematic since child( but for my ex pdoc I was a schizo)…

I’m glad to hear that you’re getting out of the house. That’s a really important step for you. What’s next? :smile:

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Talk to your pdoc about that autistic idea, I have no idea what the criteria is for autistic diagnosis.
But look, @velociraptor is autistic and highly functional. It’s not a sentence anymore than sz is.
I worked with autistic kids and @cj9556 also, there is hope for people with autism, some can become happy in life. I worked with really profound cases where there wasn’t hope at all, but those hardly communicated and had nothing to do with your situation, so I wouldn’t worry about it much.

Just keep doing small steps of recovery for yourself, even with all of your issues you’re doing something positive. Do you read well in english, I can find some CBT workbooks on pdf for you.

yes, I read in English quite well I think :smile:
I know,i struggle now.i oppress some kind of my negative and delusional thinking. I try to talk more with others but I remain lonely… I still prefer it sometimes|(to be lonely) but I wanna love, make sex etc etc… but for more long relationship it will be hard.cause I have negatives symptoms as well(laziness) which doesn’t make the things easier… besides that,somebody else who was afraid of people? for example I get really tensed when I see other mentally ill people out there,i still ‘‘give a ■■■■’’…