Can I Post This Here? It's Actually More Sad Than Anything

She was target of a public outlash after she didn’t want to have sex with a guy who does gay porn. The last thing on her twitter was written “■■■■ y’all”.

It’s just really sad because it reminds me of someone I used to know. Same outline of events except the reason my friend was targeted was different. They are the same age and everything so it just hits me hard. I really wish I could bring back that person into my life but they never respond, so I gave up. I gave her what I thought she wanted.

That is very sad. Poor girl.

And before anybody calls homophobia: sex is her profession. She needs to think about her marketability and whether or not a video will alienate her fan base. It is not fair, and the system is a bit homophobic, but that doesn’t necessarily make her homophobic.

And there is the fact that STDs are a real professional hazard for her, and anyone who has anal sex without a condom is at a higher risk for STDs.

I have no idea if she is actually homophobic or not. But what she said was not sufficient evidence either way, and even so, it’s no reason to bully someone into suicide.


I saw this earlier. RIP to her.


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