Can I plant a salsa garden in sandy soil? Will it grow?

I have plant beds in my yard at my new house,

And I want a small garden.

I’ve never planted anything in my life, so I don’t know anything.

Will tomatoes and peppers grow out there?

The soil is very sandy.

Do you have any advice/experience with gardening like this?


You’re probably better off adding soil. For tomatoes and peppers, anyway. You can get good garden soil at a home center. Or even pot them. Tomatoes need a 5 gallon pot. Peppers can deal with half that


I’ll look into potting them.

Does anything grow well in sandy soil by itself?

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I have a ton of rosemary,

So I know that does.

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my caseworker told me sandy soil is great for roses. but i don’t know if that is true.


just researched online. it says sandy soil is not great for roses, because the water drains too quickly. mine is a mix of soil clay and river sand, maybe that is what my caseworker was talking about.


Tomatoes grows best in a self watering planter / pot. Try too google “self watering plants / pots”

You can make one yourself.

It’s also good for basil and peppers.

I have good succes and lot’s of tomatoes, basil, peppers, every summer.


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