Can being alone trigger sz? A place?

This is kinda strange but when im alone in my apartment my sz gets way worse. I dont know why. I want my Home to be a Good place. Also i have a lot of intrusivethoughts. Not funny.

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The doctor told my mother that I should never be alone. Unfortunately the doctor never told me that and by the time my mother told me, it was too late.

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But its weird because when im somewhere else alone its not so much worse. I live in a one room, its so quiet here

It helps to get out in public. We are still faced with being alone most of the time.

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But my Home doesnt feel like a safe place. Is it just my sz getting worse?

it is good to build up a supportive group besides your pdoc etc.

maybe your pdoc/therapist if you have one can help with developing some support for yourself.

being alone without supports is really not any good for anyone.



But i also crave being alone sometimes, and i want to handle adult life.

That’d the opposite for me, I do very well alone and terrible in public.


Another question, can u learn to handle ur delusuons With therapy? Or just meds?

My CNP said that I should get out and spend time with people. Meaning I should leave my room and interact with people even if that means just with my parents. Do this and the symptoms won’t get as bad she says.

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I get real paranoid when I’m by myself.
I can’t live like this.
I don’t know what to do.

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I know meds are a big help for me. My current therapist doesn’t have a whole lot of training in delusions and hallucinations so we are trying to get into another counseling group that will help me. I will still see her just for all the other issues I have so hopeully with time, Ill get a complete answer on that

I see. Well if its a specific delusion that repeats you should Think it can be Good With therapy.

One of my hallucinations is with whom I named Joe. He shows up with each episode and things can depend on how well therapy goes. If I am in a less than delusional mind then saying “Jow is invisible” makes no sense but when I am completely delusional, then the lines of “He is invisible” or “He just really quick and that’s why you can’t see him” Just a varies of reasons to explain why I alone can hear or see him This same thing would apply to my delusions such as I am being followed or spied upon, or that white cars are spies.

I think, so far in my therapy experience, that in order to be receptive to therapy you have to be out of a delusion state to some degree. You can be somewhat in a mindset but not so far that any words of another (no matter their title) fall on you like a deaf to music.

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I do much better alone than I do with other people around. People trigger my paranoia.

I understand the second.

Being isolated for long periods of time and loud music I believe can trigger sz. I was isolated and my neighbors were loud calling my name etc. In the summer time, well I heard their voices calling my name. They screwed me up, there’s more behind the story but that was the jist of it.


I need to process my aloneness with music or radio news

but I’m getting better at silence.

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I don’t know but it does makes me more anxious now then before when I’m alone for too long.
So I used to have the TV on in the background for that reason on mute. so it’s like there’s people there.
Now I just keep this forum open

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I do the samething

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