Can anyone please explain to me what a high manic state is like in Bi-Polar

Im curious as to what its all about. Im trying to get insight into understanding it…can you help me out…as I feel I need to understand this if I want to become a social worker. Many thanks.

I have spent in total about one year in hospital over the last ten years. In that time I have only met one truly manic person. Met plenty hypo manic people.

The nurses told me mania is a medical emergency as there can be cardiac problems or strokes. From reading about bipolar illness, real manic people are quite rare but require serious support.

Don’t know how to describe this manic man. Simply put his rush of thoughts and ideas came out in an avalanche. Jumping from theme to theme. Incredible pressure of speech and bizarre content.

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There are basically 2 types of Mania in Bipolar Disorder - Euphoric mania and Dysphoric mania


I have a sister who is bipolar. Her manic state was slow building. At some point, she would start having grandiose thoughts ( knowing the cure for cancer ), not sleeping, not eating much. If left untreated, she would go into psychosis. She has never had an episode like that again. She takes extreme care of herself now, and if she feels anything coming on, she gets on meds for awhile. After her break, she was in the hospital for 3 months. Coming out, she had a very black depression. She had to fight that a lot, even when she was on the mend.


This is what my little brother is hitting. He’s fighting off some very black dark depression. My depression was flat rust brown… his is dark black with stripes of desperate screaming.

He was in a very dysphoric mania for the past 18 months. It’s been sheer hell. He’s always been a hyper danger boy… but then he just kept getting more hyper, more grandiose, talking faster unless he was drunk… doing more dangerous stuff, getting more agitated with other people, more impatient… and then doing more dangerous stuff because as he said… Some one with his brain is above the law.

He has admitted how much he LOVES the euphoric mania, but all the drugs he was taking… took the euphoria away.

But he was also not sleeping, being very superior, snotty, condescending… then he got a bit violent… (which I blame fully on the heavy alcohol before I blame the bipolar. But still, my sis ended up beaten up with her car stolen. He was violent towards his fiancé… she left him… smart girl.)

He had a huge swan song of a crash and ended up in hospital… now he’s in what I call a depressed shock. He really does seem in shock. That is when I do feel sorry for the kid.

I can understand the shock… job under review, savings gone, friends gone, fiancé long gone, police fines due to vandalism and other property damage, some family afraid of him… He’s on injection for his meds. Even with the meds, the therapy, the intensive treatment, living back at home… he’s still deeply struggling.

It is a struggle to come back. Sorry for sis too…
My sis said her depression felt like someone had dropped a wet woolen blanket on her. It took a while, but she is so well now…