Can anybody help me i have schizhophrenia

can anybody suggest medicines i have schizhophrenia

You should talk to a professional about this, we can’t help you chose meds, there are dozens of them. Everybody is different, so everybody has different reactions to medication.

Good luck.


You definitely need to talk to a doctor about this. Make sure you tell them about any physical medical conditions you have also. Some of these meds can be harsh on certain bodies. And everyone responds differently to different medications. Once you and a doctor have found a medication regimen that works for you, focus your efforts on therapy and building coping skills. Meds don’t fix 100% of the problem. They just make it easier for us to handle things. Hard work and critical thinking skills are also vital to recovery. Most people are also helped by exercise and a proper diet.

My medication doesn’t stop me from having hallucinations. It just makes me less afraid of them when they happen. I still have extreme reactions to stress, so I’ve had to adjust my life to remove the elements of stress that are under my control. I also had to distance myself from people who cause me more stress, or who encourage my delusional thinking. Meds are an important first step, but they aren’t the whole picture.


hi bhakta i know ur from India…
there are a lots of good hospital around India.
its better for u to make an appointment with renowned pdoc around ur area…
best of luck for ur first meet with ur pdoc…

I suggest Latuda

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