Camping season? anybody like to camp

not too hot, starting to warm up, still no leaves on the trees though. when is camping season anyways? last time I went camping was in florida about 4 years ago. we went to a campsite close to st. Augustine, florida.

it’s nice being around a campfire but I hate packing things up and setting things up. im kind of a been there done that kind of guy when it comes to camping. I much prefer a nice hotel stay to a more economical campsite.

any campers here? it is a nice way to get away some times, maybe ill go again this year.

I have never camped With telt and stuff but i have a cottage that is Lovely.

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I love to camp. Just found an 8 person tent at the thrift store for $25!


I love camping but I now have mobility issues so I guess I’ll need to rent a yurt or a cabin. I love fishing. The summer fishing here only starts in may.

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Is there anywhere in America that’s known for camping? I was thinking of going camping for the Fourth of July fireworks just wondering if you know anywhere in particular that’s popular


Camping is more fun in the winter. It’s too hot in the summer.

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im not sure. it seems camping is bigger out west. there were a lot of campsites along the coast in Oregon. if you get a road atlas from Wal-Mart it will have a map with all the campsites and state parks on it. you can study it and make a decision about where you would like to go. camping is just ok here, in indiana, I like a good place where you can get a good hike in too and the hiking here isn’t great.

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not sure if I am overly keen.

I slept in a swag at a car rest place driving interstate with my friend.
It was really cozy.

I have not really camped much at all.
I could probably not put a tent up even.

If some people were going camping and invited me I might say yes depending on…

I might rather stay somewhere too such as a hotel motel or so but it depends.

Sleeping in a swag was cozy but I know of a guy who had a snake in his swag and he was bitten and only just survived.

I like camping from time to time. It is really nice to sit around a campfire at the end of the day.
I did some study thing and they gave me 125 dollar gift card so i got a free tent! It is a pretty decent one, it has a screened in front porch.
I will have fun using it this summer!

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I’m going to camp this summer at least once. I don’t camp in a tent I camp in a log cabin

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Me and my boyfriend just went camping… It ended the same day… We set up camp got everything ready for 3 day trip BUT he was choping wood and sliced his leg open… Got 7 stitches… He gets them out on friday…

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