Cameras watching

I also have Truman show. Not only video game idea. In both these, there is something fake, there is lack of control etc

I don’t think Truman show for me. Just that feeling of being watched all the time.

Truman show is just a possible explanation for the cameras everywhere. It’s an answer to the question of why they’re watchin me.

That makes sense. Mine is to make sure I’m on my best behavior and I don’t do anything wrong. So I gotta be perfect at everything. Can’t slip up.

Yours is strict. Do they punish you if you misbehave?

Just say I’m a screw up and stuff like that. Berrate me in my mind. It’s not always constant but it’s most days.

Do you feel cameras everyday?

Most days. Depends on how stressed I am. But it’s not constant.

Me too. 666/999

I also feel at times like my phone us bugged and everyone will see all I do on my phone.

Yes sure i have it :crazy_face:

Lol. Fair enough!

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Yes I have felt it when I was psychotic… I felt there was a cam in every instrument in my house and around everywhere I go … I felt people were watching me through cctv cams and phone cams. I thought that they were divided in teams some trying to help me and some trying to harm me … yes it felt like Truman show.

But when I am on meds all these beliefs go away. I am completely normal with meds.

I’m glad that meds help with that so much. I’m on meds but still fine tuning it. And working with my therapist to work on balancing my thoughts when I get paranoid or have homicidal ideation.

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I feel like my camera phone is always on and TV is watching me through the screen. I mean I don’t really care but it still hinders me a bit in life. It causes little to no distress. It did in the beginning.

I also heard noise or static through the speakers and mic from my cellphone before. Pretty spooky.

Is there a word for the sensation of eyes on your back? Or just paranoia?

Both for me. I’ll get anxious about cameras and feel like someone is watching me all the time.

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