Calling up IOP today

Intensive outpatient program I was referred to by a psych hospital. I’ve been there before but I never had Much of a mind or sanity during it. I’m in a better place now but stumbled upon a roadblock. Last times in IOP I had no way to express myself. “DONT SMOKE WEED” is all they tell u really. Just in 1000 different forms they say the same thing. Well doctors prescribed weed for me now, my diagnosis changed and I understand myself better. I can put more then 2 words in a sentence together now before stuttering over the rest in fact im a natural talker. My goal in IOP is to get my piece. I’m gonna tackle injustices. But not the ones that are plaguing the world as much as the ones just plaguing me.

I think it’ll be good now that I understand and can explain myself.

I let them feed me and dictate lies in the past. They were just doing their jobs…. But now I can speak up and find the real truths.

The first thing I’m gonna mention is (as long as I take naltrexone and the rest of my meds are working too). I never abuse drugs. I mentioned I was taking too much pot because my symptoms were flaring up and that’s what I do when it happens. And they just wanna blame it on the pot. It ain’t the pots fault. You and I know it helps me ;). When I do it in moderation like I usually do. There must be a crisis for me to want to take more than normal. I never even said I was abusing it just that I didn’t fell myself without it anymore. F the assumptions from the pros. But they’re gonna see me now….5 years since I’ve been to this IOP. They’re gonna say to me “oh so I’m guessing you quit smoking pot”, doing drugs, you seem so good!!!” and I’m gonna say naaaaa I just learned how to use them to my advantage unlike the bologna you guys teach. I really don’t think they can argue with my results….screw the lies


I hope it helps.

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Can I ask about you about dosage? More than very small amounts of thc send me up the walls, but a hash microdose (not at all enough to get high or stoned which I don’t want anyway) plus a hefty dose of cbd has become my Friday evening treat

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I usually do .3 of weed weighed out every 48 hours. Flower from medical dispensary. I’ve been rediagnosed to ddnos and ptsd and ocd not schizoaffective but I’ve had drug induced psychosis from lsd and other drugs. But weeds never done me wrong but I try and limit it

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We do not allow weed discussion here and you know it.

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So I’m starting tomorrow morning