Think I'm gonna come clean to my parents

That I’ve been using drugs and alcohol. I don’t think I need rehab, but I need an IOP program. It would be nice once to be in treatment without resisting and denying and trying to get help for once.


Truth is the way to go man but you should probably no’t even consider your friends or family You should do it for yourself.

My family loves me a lot though. They’d understand. I feel if I told them I really wanted to be sober they would respect it and love me unconditionally for it.

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Let me tell you man that I went through alcohol/drug rehab many times and in retrospect the only reason that I kept failing is that I was doing it for someone else.

Fingers crossed for you

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Still doing it for myself, but I need support. Would be nice to talk these things out with someone.

Well hey we always here bud ,fire away man i’ll talk with you I have no where else to go.

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I didn’t mean that like it sounded, what I meant to say is im usually here and i just like talking to people.

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No worries. I understand. You’re a chill dude. I don’t take things too personal here. Thanks though.

congratulations… that’s a very hard decision and a very brave one…

I have a feeling this is a very big first step in getting better.

Good luck and may all go well.

That’s a brave decision. Once I came clean 50% of the chances of drinking/using again went away.

My doctors didn’t give me much credit, but my mom on the other hand is very supportive. When I go out she always makes sure to tell me not to slip on my decision.

Hey…you’re doing a good thing and hope that this is a first step to better yourself even more. The sky’s the limit and it’s great that you’re rising up.

I’ve been in both IOP and something akin to rehab (I was there to be drug free so I could get diagnosed).
It was okay. It wasn’t hard for me at all to stay drug free when I was in-patient. I’m not really addicted like the others there were. I self-medicate a lot and didn’t need to when I was in-patient since things are different in hospital than out in the real world. When I was in IOP I didn’t manage to stay drug free or even reduce my consumption, so that didn’t work at all as intended.

Good luck!

Sounds very good. It sounds optimistic. AA worked for me to get off booze, and there’s always NA too. Best of luck!