Buspar question

Just wondering who takes Buspar. I take 60mg a day. It doesn’t seem very popular as not many seem to take it. :bear::bear::bear:

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I read it’s for short term use

All anxiety medications are “short term use” because of dependency and other issues but millions of people take them on a regular basis anyways


I wish they’d give me some but they refuse

Can’t you find another doctor, get a second opinion?

Yes I wish I could he wront go away

I don’t understand that comment. Just look up different doctors in your town, make an appointment, and get a prescription.

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I’m with nhs I will not pay for doctor

That sucks.

I’ve been prescribed PRN lorazepam (ativan) 1mg for the last 15 years, never abused it, never became dependent on it, never had a problem getting a prescription.


I will mention that to my stubborn doctor


I am on klonopin daily as well. :desert_island::desert_island::desert_island:


Sounds like you need a new doctor. :lizard::lizard::lizard:


I have resorted to drinking wine

Good luck @shellys12

Ask him for a small trial prescription, maybe just 5 1mg pills of lorazepam (ativan).

You won’t become dependent on that, even if you were to take it everyday for 5 days.

Tell your doctor you will only take it when absolutely necessary. I only take it if I am having a panic attack, which is now very rare for me. If I have a little anxiety I take l-theanine or calmaid(silexan) and just try to focus on stuff to keep my mind occupied on something other than the anxiety and take deep breaths.

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Thanks @Headspark I’m seeing him in a week
I’m on clozapine so maybe it’s not recommend with that

oh, clozapine complicates things, not a lot mixes with that. Then your doctor is probably right not to mix the two drugs.

Yes I’m sure that there is good reason

I’m on Clozapine as well. :koala::koala::koala:


@shellys12 Ask your doctor for a clonazepam prescription then as @GrayBear seems to be okay mixing the too. Clonazepam is good for anxiety too.


Yes thanks I will
I’ve been on seroxat twenty years now it used to work well

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