Do you get bug bites when you go to the woods?

I would never spray bug spray on me, before medication, wile i was in the woods. Now i have to spray and bugs still bite me. This med. create some some body odor that bugs are attracted,

It seems like I get more than my share of bug bites when I go to the woods, but it has always been like that. The med’s don’t affect me that much when it comes to bug bites.

If I went into the woods, I’d be eaten alive but it’s always been that way for me.

Round here a walk in the woods at this time of the year is risking a tick bite and subsequent Lymes disease which has been known to cause…psychosis of all things. True story.

But my dad and I do go for walks in the woods together only we wear special clothing made with a chemical that has been found to repel not only ticks but other insects too.

I live right next to some woods so it’s when the mosquito’s come out in the evening that I pack up my laptop and go indoors where the bugs can’t get me.

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Got two mosquito bites yesterday.

Mosquitos, ticks and chiggers. I’m fast enough to avoid most mosquito bites, to the dismay and utter destruction of the mosquitos that try. Once in awhile a tick will attach but i usually can feel the crawly thing and get it before it bites.
I usually carry a pair of scissors to cut any weeds or brush shoots i see in walkways, so i just cut the ticks in half which is far easier than trying to crush the thing…
now chiggers…they are downright evil, nearly microscopic vampires that drill you and feast on your skin…I very rarely use bug spray so the evil chiggers often get me a few times, and in places i don’t want to be got! To be honest they seem to like butts and waistlines…and if they are really really evil they sometimes get you in another place near there… TMI…I’ll leave it at that…

I’ve had chigger bites so bad I had to have 2 steroid shots. They are arachnids, so they have a more severe effect than insect bites.

Evil things…they are red too…

“Chiggers attach to the host, pierce the skin, inject enzymes into the bite wound that digest cellular contents, and then suck up the digested tissue through a tube formed by hardened skin cells called a stylostome.”

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I get bug bites when there are bugs around, period. One of the blessings of having moved to town is that the bug population here is about 1/50 of what it was in the country. I can walk for an hour outside without a single bite. Love it! I’ve never found that the meds increased my attractiveness to bugs because I’ve always been a walking meal to the little blighters.

We went back to the farm to pick up my exercise stuff this weekend. We were dashing from the vehicle to the buildings and vice versa because of the clouds of mosquitoes. Horrid.


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Man, when I read this I started to get nervous. I’ve seen little red spidery things sometimes on the front porch. Last time I sat out there I saw maybe half a dozen of them aimlessly crawling around.

Once, while meeting with my peer specialist, we sat on the porch talking. I had seen them then too but didn’t pay much attention. She jumped a bit at one point and said something bit her. I figured it was her imagination or something, never thinking those little red spider things would bite.

Were they Red Spider Mites or Chiggers? I don’t know.

When I was taking Norpramine I didn’t get mosquito bites any more.

Try the sportsman’s formula of bug spray in the camping equipment section. This might work better. Hit your face by spraying it on your hands and just pat face with hands. This stuff makes the eyes sting worse. I always had more problems with bugs if I wore bright colors too. Bugs think you are a flower.

The bug spray is almost always better than the tick bites but easiest to try a shower as soon as you get home from hiking or mowing lawn. Now the doctors are saying we need to go to doctor within few hours of finding a tick bite to get course of anti-biotics. If your city has a walk-in minor emergency room, this is cheapest. Usually these charge about what doctor’s office charges plus offer all the radiology & lab work facilities.

The sun screen is hardest on me. It makes me cry for 2-3 days sometimes even if I wash hands with soap. Then found out the psych meds will make me MUCH more sun sensitive. I ended up with with bubble-wrap blistering all over my arms, chest and legs one day at the lake. It took 6 weeks to heal up. Psych doctor’s reaction was ‘I guess that could happen.’

At one point this summer I had close to 30 bites…

My son is on medications and to my knowledge didn’t get any.

Some people they like and some they don’t however if there is nothing else around then they will take what they can get.

Red mites if you can see them…thing is a chigger is the larvae of the harvest mite which is also a red mite… looks very similar to a spider mite…just crush all red mites…that’s what i do…

My solution, and its a rather simple one, to avoid Tick bites and tons of Mosquito bites, I don’t go into the woods

The mosquitoes always prefer my blood over other people’s, I’d say. My arms and legs will be swollen by the bug bites.

The bugs that freak me out are bedbugs. I’ve never encountered them but I’ve read news stories about them and it creeps me out. I would be very reluctant to stay at a hotel/motel because of them.

The last city I lived in was rampantly infested with bedbugs…they are a living nightmare let me tell you.

Sorry but that would drive me crazier than the bugs do!
One solution is to go in the woods near water where you can jump in the water…
Um, a few days ago however, I lay down on the rocks in the river and a crayfish pinched me, after several small fish nibbled at my legs and side…though that kinda tickled…darn it! LOL…

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hm, don’t know I don’t go into any woods…

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