Buck wild on my stimulus

So far I have spent the heck out of my stimulus! Going nuts on it, I tell you.

Yesterday I bought my daughter some pajamas for her birthday. And slippers. Then I got my son some new school clothes since he outgrew his.

Then this morning I went WILD at Dollar General and bought not one, but TWO boxes of bandaids. Cleaners because my house is wrecked. 3 packages of feminine hygiene products. A blanket. And a Swiffer!

Just now I went to the grocery store and got stuff to make stew.

Someone stop me


Oh no, how dare you buy basic essentials. Please, somebody, stop such recklessness.


I bought BEEF.



“Whippin’ out fliff like a sultan!”

For reference:


That’s awesome @ZombieMombie! Enjoy it!


Yeah that’s awesome @ZombieMombie

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I haven’t received extra money and I have some spending issues. It was much worse on Abilify. I guess I want to enjoy life, my parents tell me to enjoy life bcz I won’t be able to enjoy it or use my money once I am dead.

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We used our stimulus to pay our property taxes and buy a Cove security system, because someone kicked in our next door neighbors door a few days ago.


Same here. I spent my stimulus money on existing debts.

I’m so glad you are enjoying it. Get something special for you and hubby, too.

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Thats what they want you to do is spend it, so have fun

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I don’t think I’m getting a stimulus :pensive: I didn’t get one last time either :frowning: that money would be super nice right now though

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We have Cove! Got it last year.

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