Bryan's thread

This one really is mine(it says so[in the title])

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this thread is my thread. this thread’s not your thread. from something something to the gulf stream islands…

this thread belongs to me and me (alone)

Gonzo lives here…

Spatially aware little ■■■■.


put money in my hands… .and i will do the things you want me to

I’m brewing coffee

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nice I’ve had a few to much caffeines

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but yeah get the ■■■■ out my thread :laughing:

My bad


15 char

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so I say

to be is not to be

to be is not the way to be…

Again the little bugger lines himself up right

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Who’s asleep at the wheel… who likes a bad idea… who wants a happy meal? yooouuuuu…

This is now Brians thread


hah GET THE ■■■■ OUT

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oh no… you ■■■■■■■ didn’t

you’re messing with the wrong feller’s thread

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did you just make that?

Nah, I have access to the internet.