Broken Interconnection (Working Title)

If it so satisfies my tears to flow,
Let me read what my tears are trying to say, as they flow from my eyes;
I have explored throughout the darkness, but found no answers,
But only the deep, dark abyss filled with angry, screaming people.

I see my mother, my father and my brother, screaming;
I see my cousins, aunts, and uncles, yelling;
Screaming false ideas upon the darkness and filling the corner with sorrow,
Cornering me with their words that are sharp as spears.

My tears do not speak of false truth.
If the world perceives darkness as truth, then I perceive it as false.
I’ve explored far and beyond, and I only see them yelling beneath the crevice,
Amongst the piles of dead souls, seeking resurrection.

“What you are saying is not true.” I say to them;
But they respond, “I shall kill you also and let you join these souls who are dead.”
Aren’t they my family members, who tended me since birth?
And aren’t we all interconnected through the souls of our ancestors?

This is the end of my exploring, the search for answers amongst deep darkness;
I dare not to look more- only it will satisfy the tears to flow.
So then, I move forward, lean upon my sorrow, and weep.
I shall depart and see this darkness no more.


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