Britney verses Spears on Netflix BS deemed mentally unstable

I just watched the documentary about Britney Spears yesterday. I’m not a fan of hers really. I only watched it cos there was nothing better on. But it made me angry how her father had the courts deem her too mentally ill to take care of her own finances/life. Her father was B’s conservator meaning he not she made all the decisions regarding her money, where she could go, who she could see, when she worked and when she could and where she could relax. He controlled every aspect of her life for 13 years I think it was. Foolishness!!!


Imagine watching a documentary about Britney spears or anything Hollywood produces, yikes.

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The thing is this site is so kind, all you need is E mail to get in.
So far, you’ve been only pain to moderators and spaming forum.
What do you want?

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Imagine joining a site just to be rude on every post until a mod gets wind of it. Oops.


Imagine it happening to the biggest pop star in the world
And everyone turns a blind eye
Britney has always appeared to be one of those pure souls
Innocence not found too much in the world
A perfect victim really
Imagine it’s your family
And everyone you trust
Doing it to you
And everyone says you’re crazy
She’s incredibly strong
A beautiful soul
Still very pretty
I wish her happiness and peace


it is horrific for a father to do such a thing.

apparently he was spending some of that money himself and wrote it down as paperwork or something.

a father is not ones real father if they do that to you.

instead of empowering her and encouraging her to be independent and manage her finances herself and if she has trouble then sign her up for a course of a great accountant thats trustworthy.

taking away her rights.

seeing her as a child without rights.

it takes a lot of strength to cut someone off who you love unconditionally but it could well be called for.

free Brttney!


I don’t really like listening to pop music but I like Brittany as a person and I kind of like her music too.
I wish her well.


There are so many of them got into entertainment bussiness age of 4…
Its… Not healthy for mind…


I saw it too. She has many that cares for her too thats adorable


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