I'm the real deal

so why do I hang out on this website.

well, cuz everything has made me crazy.

We’re all crazy. Crazy for money, for love, for acceptance. And then, the best of us are only crazy for the sake of being crazy. There’s no talking us out of our own folly.

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agreed, but this isn’t just like anyone else.

I’m sick of being like some false famous person.

I’m still in doubt about Britney Spears. Whether she’s really mentally ill or it’s just a media move to attract sympathy.

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since the inception of tabloids,

people have wanted to know the life of these stars.

just stick with the music, nothing says they need to be perfect humans.

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I don’t get Brittany Spears appeal at all. I think she’s way overrated.

I don’t think she would be faking her illness

She has not been having a career for many years now

I think she deserves sympathy


I liked her when she first started singing.

There are rumours she might be bipolar. Her father manages her wealth and signs contracts in her stead.


well you derailed my thread.

but as far as the dancing, you could have been assimilating.

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