Breaking into your parents liquor cabinet

how many of you remember getting in trouble for getting into your parents liquor cabinet what form of punishment did they give you

awful questioning and mental strains.

I do not feel that most parents what allow themselves to have a liquor cabinet if they have children in the housewhich does make this question a rug and Tori

Unnessecary resonse to awful questioning and mental strains.

Made of stone are we?

No liquor cabinet. A cupboard above the refrigerator. I remember it was Creme de Menthe. It was sickening sweet and I hated the taste of the alcohol. I drank a glass and used a trick i had learned from stupid book : I put a cup of tap water in the bottle to make it seem like none was missing. Later, in sixth grade my friends parents had a mini-bar in their living room addition. I used to go to his house before school and we would drink straight Tequila, Vodka, and Whiskey. We never got drunk though.

My parents never had a liquor cabinet, but a couple of my friends’ parents did. I got a couple of lovely drunks as a result. We never got in trouble for it.

When I was 12, I broke into my parents’ stash of Zima (is that stuff even around anymore?), and went to school drunk. Ahh, fun times.

You do know you’ve just admitted to drinking Zima, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL @Malvok. Yes, I must confess my sins. Seriously, do they even make that ■■■■ anymore? I’ll blame it on my age and ignorance. LOL

They stopped producing it in the US in 2008.

Thank goodness someone has a conscious. That â– â– â– â–  was awful

My parents had one, but for some reason it never crossed my mind to drink it. Lol I guess I am the oddball. I didn’t think about it until I was 18 and could buy my own.

My parent’s didn’t have a liquor cabinet, I had to use other ways to get my alcohol.

When my mom and I lived with my Grandmom she kept her liquor in a closet under the basement stairs. When I was eleven I mixed scotch, whiskey, and mint schnops with koolaid. It tasted horrible and made me nauseous. I thought because I felt sick from drinking it I was someone that couldn’t drink alcohol. I decided to pour it down the toilet and thought I was prompted to do that from my uncle who passed away. He was an alcoholic and drug addict. Maybe he was looking out for me. If I would have started drinking at that age I probably would have become an alcoholic. I didn’t drink again until I was 16 where it was St. Patty’s day and I got drunk with some friends drinking 40s. Good times. :sunny:

The only punishment that resulted from this was that my dad eventually figured out what I did and didn’t enjoy drinking and generally only bought what I didn’t like :smile:

I have hung up my “drinking cleets” because I have found that it affects the potency of my meds…this is a recent discovery…drinking was never very much fun anyways, because the next day I am always “blue” from it…

I didn’t break in because it wasn’t locked… My “punishment” one time was being taken out to eat at a seafood restaurant. Other times it was being given money to get my own…

Neither one of my parents drank, so there was never alcohol in the house. I was never exposed to alcohol until I was 16 and was given the job as bartender at this restaurant I worked at. Yes, I know it’s illegal for a 16 year old to be a bartender lol. But that’s the job they gave me.

And because I was so quiet and shy at that age, my boss would give me Budweiser beer to loosen me up. So I got paid to drink and chat with bar customers.

I was crafty about hiding it from my dad, but one night he came into the restaurant and caught me.

My punishment was that he took away my car for a few months. That was all the motivation I needed to quit drinking!

Ah, memories.



My brother and I used to raid my parent’s liquor cabinet all of the time - even did it a couple of times with my neighborhood friends. I sipped on my dad’s favorite at the time - J & B Whiskey - it was kind of fun doing ■■■■ like this- it was during the 70s, this I do remember - what a blast!