Brain Scan

Participated in one study and they called tonight asking if I wanted to participate in another study. They do computer tests on you first, then the second time you go in a for a MRI and they do more tests to measure brain activity. I like the idea of a MRI, I have banged my head pretty hard a couple of times and getting older so it would be good just to have it done so I agreed to do it.

Oh and he said they give me a picture of my brain :open_mouth:, would make a cool avatar :smiley:


These days most imaging labs can give you a DVD with your (in this case, MRI) data and radiography software so you can view your own scans. You put the DVD in your computer and it starts the software and you can view all the MRI images. It’s pretty cool. :nerd:

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One pic is ok for me, but will ask them, be cool just to have that, unless I got a really ugly brain :open_mouth: , never seen it before. Could be the opposite and I have a real handsome brain and all the ladies will be hitting on me :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m quite paranoid about scans. I heard that most scans release dangerous waves. only time I remember getting a brain scan was when I was forced to have one, in my first psych ward.

I have a fluid-filled cyst in my brain, the size of a large lime. Apparently, it’s a birth defect. In the MRI, it comes up as a big empty black space behind one eye. Maybe I could have been a Nobel-Prize winning scientist if I only had my entire brain…:thinking: :grin:


Wow never heard of that, hope they don’t find anything bad, but I like the idea of being checked, not something that is routine, or doctor would do, so kinda excited about it

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I think it’s a good idea to get the scan. It would be an interesting experience for you and it would help the researchers with their study and the study could lead to a scientific breakthrough that helps others.

Occasionally they may find what they call a “coincidental finding” of something that’s not symptomatic and is more of a curiosity than anything else. That’s what happened in my case, really not a big deal but makes for a good story. :smile:


Nah, an MRI scan is quite safe. It uses strong magnetic fields. I’ve had many MRI scans.

Had a cat scan and EEG when this all started. It’s a right of passage to get a EEG. Think I’m still getting the crap out of my hair and the scan was in 1989. Are a few pictures on the net of sz brains. I’ve used some as avis in the past.

Went for the first tests today, was kinda odd, a lot of questions for background and how I spend my time, Then they did these eye test where they monitor your eye movement, they show you pictures of people faces with a cross moving around on it and you follow the cross with your eyes, then indicate where the cross was at the end left or right.
Then they show you peoples faces and you have to target faces with a certain mood, like a angry face.

Next week is the MRI and you do the same tests while in the MRI

Brain tumor buddies!

Mine was killing me though. On the bright side, I am fine now (relatively) and I got a scholarship out of it!

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Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which uses magnetic pulses and radio frequencies, provides a much more detailed brain scan than a computerized axial tomography (CAT) scan, for a CAT scan uses X-rays, which cannot provide a detailed image of soft tissue.

Generally speaking, MRIs are safe, but you cannot have an MRI if you have a pace maker. Inform the technician if you have any metal in your body.

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