I've been to a brain MRI today

It was a room with signal interference and I’ve heard a few times my voices talk inside the MRI machine. Glad to be crazy afterall.


Scary. All that radiation can’t be good for the mind…
I was so scared when I did it.

Do you believe because the room couldn’t transmit signals that means your voices aren’t real?

I’m the same as you. I thought mine were real for a long time. I still struggle with it sometimes. I’m also glad to be crazy after all.

It was scary as hell, I felt my head getting heated a little bit.

I don’t really hear them, it is distinguishable from real voices, more like a thought transmission, or something like that I cannot explain properly.

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Yup exactly me too freaking no ■■■■ terrifying

Did you request it for confirmation of the dx? They never did that to me, I just had a scan of the brain with one of those machines they do…like CAT scan maybe, idk, I didn’t go to school…anyway, yeah, why did they do this?

No, no. They don’t do it for diffrential of SZ diagnosis here too. I’m having a pretty bad headache since a week or too. Do you mean they had you a Computed Tomography, CT? It is done in a minute and doesn’t make noises like MRI? It’s just a hoop that rotates around your head.

Tbh I can’t remember really, but that does ring a bell. But I really hope your MRI scan comes back with good news.

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MRIs don’t use radiation. They use magnetism. They’re completely safe, even for pregnant women and babies. CT scans are the ones that have radiation. They’re much faster though.


Actually, ninja electromagnetism is technically radiation too. Not ionizing but still…

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Technically, every organic thing on the planet is giving off radiation. But not the type that can harm you.


They laid me on my back with a heavy vest on then backed me into a Lazer guided dot on my forehead they told me when to inhale and exhale – I felt heat on my head

That’s CT. Not MRI. 151515

It was psychosomatic. MRIs can freak you out and cause you to feel hot. But they don’t actually heat you up. Trust me. I’ve had about thirty MRIs in my life because of the brain tumor.


Woops I thought it was an MRI maybe I freaked out for no reason

An MRI is done inside a giant tube. It can be scary for anyone dealing with claustrophobia. It also takes roughly 20 minutes and is EXTREMELY loud. A CT scan is over in five minutes, you go back and forth through a big ring, and you can’t hear it.

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