Bragging moment (sorry)

I did it!!! This isn’t my goal weight but I’ve been waiting to get to this point for what feels like forever. Still have about another 14 pounds to go… from 205 3.5 years ago, to this. I’m so happy!


Congratulations! That is such an achievement. Good for you!


Thank you🥺 it is an achievement! Now if I can just keep the weight off for good @shine7

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Awesome. Good good you :lizard::lizard::lizard:

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Thank you!!! @GrayBear

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That’s a huge achievement. :+1:

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Thanks a bunch!! @Montezuma

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Jus Wanted to Letcha Know @Human, You Can Still Snack And Reach Your Goals.

Jus Slow Eating When Your Belly Says, ‘Ok!, I Get it, You Like Cheetos, But Thaz Enough’!.


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Wow that’s awesome!!!

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Yes, I think I got this weight loss thing down. I haven’t been eating any junk food (Cheetos or anything) and I don’t even crave fast food. I just eat when I’m really hungry now! @ATARI

Thanks much! @Schizophrenic

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I Always Looked at The Stomach Growling as a Process of Your Body Consuming The Fat.

I’m Not a Doctor, But it Keeps Me in a Slightly Humored Focus.

Good Job @Human!.

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Man if I could get down to 200 lbs I’d be shouting on top of the roof in joy!!!

I weigh 290ish lbs at 6 foot 1.

I have a big gut.

I used to weigh 170-180ish in college before the schizophrenia hit. In a way, I was either always overweight or too skinny. I have long semi-muscular legs which could be the problem since the whole BMI thing isn’t scientific.

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Thank you! @ATARI

Yeah I was 146 then once I got on invega I went up 60 pounds in a year or less… I’m now on abilify! Which I think has been helping… (I don’t contribute it all to med change cause I started losing weight before I switched.)
I believe you can lose the weight!!! @anon28145038

I weight 295lb 5ft10", I have metabolic diseases, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. I wish I can get back to the weight i had before schizophrenia 7 years ago, 127lb all muscle. Now all my muscles turned into fat and my skin became loose like a grandmother.

I was 200lb on Abilify, now 295lb on Risperdal. It sucks.

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I am on Invega and I gained lots of weight since I started the medication. But 3 months ago I started a new diet and I lost some weight. Now I weigh 160 lb. So it is possible to lose weight even while taking Invega.

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