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Going to the library today and wondering what book I should get. One with a schizo in it would be nice.

Bulgakov, The Master and Margarita.

I don’t know about main character’s diagnose but he was put into the hospital after claiming that he saw a Lucifer himself.
Turns out, Lucifer was indeed there.

He wrote this book after his wife ended up in hospital, because of schizophrenia. I didn’t read this one.

The main character, Mrs.Dalloway has bipolar and her friend suffers from hallucinations.

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An epic. , , , ,

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Right on, it is very popular here too …but I haven’t read it so far, what a loser lol.

e(Y)e Don’t Read Books ,

e(Y)e Lissen To Music … ,

@sarad Are You Ready To Get Sum Drinks Now … ,

Thus Club Is Boring Me …

Lol, what? How you gonna make that happen? :smile:
Anyway, I can’t, I’ve been taught not to stay alone with strangers. But thanks.
( Be nice, answer with" no but thanks", said mom)

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Quite fun, but an old book. About a crazy man who thinks he is a great knight. Ive read some 100 pages of this.

Has some interesting points about how other people view you if you are insane.

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I like that book. Although it has some weird old writing style, until you get used to it.


e(Y)e Read It Long , Long , Long Ago … ,

It Gets Teary Towards Tha Middle-ish Ending … ,

but e(Y)e STILL Don’t Read Books ,

Cause e(Y)e Am Too School For Cool … ,

Fo Serrrus Tho … ,

You Friggin Weirdo’s …

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I dont know why, but old books can be just as relevant as newer ones.

Yeah No Doubt @mottec ,

Here’s One e(Y)e Read , Once Again , Long Long Long Ago … ,

Tha Fact That She Found Love In Such a Place , Is Friggin Amazing … ,

Thus Gurl Will Nvr Die … ,

Ok e(Y)e’m Done Here …

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a book called Henrys demons is a schizophrenia biography. It is written by Patrick and Henry Cockburn (his son). Its a good book although a bit sad.

there is a book called schizo. i just checked it out. its about a high school kid who gets sz. and his baby brother gets kidnapped and he thinks its his fault. it is a great book.

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