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A guy held a sign saying he was homeless and giving out resumes and he got alot of shares and job offers. I’m looking for a few comedy gig leads. I have a good resume. I worked in the government for 8 years. I am one class short of a public administration masters degree. I’m not homeless but I lived in a Group home due to my mental illness (schizophrenia) which is one step above homeless. I got a job washing dishes and moved out. I work the polls on election days and I’m trying to be a professional comedian I can do about 30 minutes of comedy which qualify s me to be a feature act. I have won several stand up comedy contests and was on Last Comic Standing in 2008. here is one of my videos.


That’s awesome. Do you use your diagnosis in your bits?

yes i do one of my jokes is i had a girlfriend in the mental hospital we never really broke up we both underwent shock treatments and forgot we were dating


Lol good one


Im posting my debbie gibson joke in the debbie gibson fan club soon they are anxiously awaiting it.

I no longer use a stage name I go by Martin Malloy

Wow, you’re so brave. I wouldn’t have the guts to get up in front of people like that. I would be too worried that my jokes would fall flat. Good for you. Keep it up. I don’t have any social media platforms anymore because i don’t like data harvesting but if i did, i would share you along.

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