My name is Martin I changed my comedian stage name to SkitzoMarty. I have been getting more paid comedy gigs lately and will get alot more when I buy my nephews car in January. I spent several years in a group home not doing much comedy. I moved out on april of 2016 and worked for a year as a dishwasher and won 2 comedy contests. I have 83 jokes now and I will be posting videps of them one at a time every week starting around March 25th my birthday. I have been making efforts to get back into law school and can enter as early as the fall of 2019. My twitter page is @veryfunnycomedy


Cannot…deduce…if this is itself a joke… lol…


Hey! It’s skitzobill ! I remember you !

You have some very funny youtube videos. I’m glad you’re still doing comedy.

I see you’ve got some more videos here


I won the comedy contest tonight. The joke I did about my date did it for me. I won $500


Hey! I loved your YouTube video about getting a taxi back up to the top of the bridge! So funny!

I love these videos! I remember you from back in the day! Brb, I have to go sing our national anthem.

:musical_score: “Oh say, can you see? Over grain spacious skies! You have a right to an attorney!” :musical_score:

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Btw, do you want your username changed to skitzomarty?

Hey @skitzobill!

Good to hear from you again! I remember sending you a joke to use in your routine, but forgot which one it was.

I’ve seen some of your videos and you ARE really funny! Thanks for dropping by again…and break a leg! :slight_smile:


Please feel free to steal this joke I wrote and use it in your stand-up act!

“Millennials are so lazy, they couldn’t understand why Usain Bolt just didn’t take an Uber to go the hundred yards!” :wink:

not yet but eventually I will

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If you want to follow me on social media my twitter is @veryfunnycomedy and my youtube Chanel is @veryfunnycomedy

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I can’t find your YouTube channel. When I type in veryfunnycomedy it gives me a list of other people’s channels.

Do you have a direct link to your channel?

When I get a video up you can add it that way

Ok , thanks ! !

yes change my username to skitzomarty

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As payment, I require three pictures of cats, outer space, or fancy desserts.

I think this covers it… @ninjastar

*i lovethis picture who ever made it…their awesome…

5 Likes this needs to be shared with schizophrenics their suicide rate is 10 times general population and with comedians theirs is twice normal population.

Are you okay, @MartyM?

I hope you aren’t suicidal. You’re very funny and have a lot to offer! Us schizophrenics are all proud of your wit and guts! :slight_smile:

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