Blending reality with nonreality=(creativity)?

So I went to Aa for like 100 days, was immersed in reality. A rich reality, made lots of friends. Albeit I was going a little crazy. Then after that I started isolating and enriched myself in a fantasy world based on that 100 days of super reality. Then I hit a creative blocking. Because those 100 days of reality ran out. I need to immerse myself in reality again. Before entering the world of fantasy and delusion and creativity again. I need to learn from reality and do lots of things before I go back into the dungeon of ogres grunting . Where I return to my lair where I fair better than these less rhythmic fellas. Yeah whatever.

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just real people being obscure or thinking out of the box.

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I think thinking outside of the box is necessary a lot of the time, but as I recently read in a memoir on psychosis,

“It’s good to have a sixth gear, but watch out for the seventh one. If you think too well outside the box, you might find yourself in a little room without much in it.”

-Mark Vonnegut


Good quote. You should watch this.

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If I was psychotic and raving lunatic I wouldn’t even write.

You channel it, and make it real yet different to the point of enjoying the perceptive.

If you do it for yourself, good luck making any headway.


Something I wrote I liked

“lyrical discussions
cause eruptions
but im concussing
with each instruction
im giving
cant remember the way im living
so im staying striven
with this honest rhythm
that has arisen
through my ambition
just wait til my next edition
im livid
you would like to visit
my mentality
sentenced to a life of illegality
with no formalities
my salary is daily
not yearly
im early
im nearly
too glorious
too curious
with my dubious ways”

I like it too.


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