Bizarre dream I just had

It’s half past midnight here and I don’t think I will get back to sleep after this dream. I didn’t know which category to post it in …

I was watching a tv show and there was this story about three girls on
the dole who wanted a police officer to arrest himself for calling them
frauds because they had gone to start jobs and quit within three days

Then there was this story about a guy who was trying to kill himself by
turning green. He had tried to die by running into a fire but that
didn’t work.

Then it was discovered that his toe turned green. He
decided to kill himself through neglect and just let the green of his
toe take him over.

Then I went to visit a friend, no one I know in real life, and she was
telling me the best way to curl your hair is by washing it in anti
freeze. So she washed my hair in anti freeze. She had really big boobs.

Then I said I was going for a fly. Flying was a normal thing people did in
this dream, you just put on these wing type things and flapped and
glided. I was flying through this dead forest with loads of snakes and

So I went for a fly over a swamp and got tired and fell
in face first. I couldn’t lift myself out for ages. And I was miles
away from anyone and lost.

Then I heard partying on the love boat so I
was screaming for them to help me. But they didn’t hear me to I took off
again and tried to fly back myself.

As I was flying back, this giant kookaburra saw me and helped me. A first I
thought it was attacking me but it was actually helping me get back up
into flight.

I had to fly through these caves where people were playing a real life
video game and shooting one another in teams. I ran into people I
knew and they were talking about the aim of the game and how legend has
it the giant k will help them win. I said, that must mean the giant
kookaburra, I know where it is.

So all of a sudden this team of people I knew started to mobilise, then
all the other teams caught on to what was happening, that I was about to
lead them to the giant k, and they were all still shooting one another
with these fake lasers. So I got one of these guns and joined in singing
"I’m a maniac, maniac that’s for sure, and I’m shooting like I’ve never
shot before!"

Then I decided that there were too many people hunting this kookaburra and
decided to start a rumor that giant k was either a salmon or a tuna
living in the swamp. Everyone believed it. I couldn’t find the
kookaburra again anyway.

But it was decided amongst all these gamers that I had some secret
knowledge and they all tried different ways to get it out of me. One
pulled me aside and did some freak thing with their eyes and said they
would cook me whatever I wanted to eat. I decided that it would be
poisoned so I said I wasn’t hungry.

Then I flew off again back to my friend with the antifreeze. And they were
cooking pumpkin pizza. I stopped and took off my backpack to check that
the swamp hadn’t ruined the documents I had inside then told them that
while I was out I discovered that I was pregnant but that I don’t want

That’s when I woke up. Thanks for reading.

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That’s incredible dream recall. I normally forget what I was dreaming about once I wake up. But it’s just a dream. As amazing as it was.

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If you tell yourself during the day and before you go to sleep, ‘I will remember my dreams clearly,’ you’ll find that your dream recall will increase exponentially and greatly


I had a funny dream last night. I was hanging out with a few hippies, and one of them said: “Hey man maybe we should stop being hippies, the 60’s are kinda over man.”


Dreams fascinate me. Jung said they were important and to pay attention to the symbols in them, but Frued apparently couldn’t ever make sense of his own dreams.

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