Big med jump, feeling incapacitated

My pdoc agreed to jump from 20 to thirty abilify and gradually reduces seroquel 300-200. Around midnight started feeling energized, an hour later profoundly cognitively impaired. Feels like mind has lost and entire dimension, I don’t feel like myself. Hopefully it wears off by daytime. Will try 5 mg abilify tommorrow. Too much meds in my system. DO NOT JUMP TOO FAST WITH MEDS! I don’t know if I will go back to normal tomorrow.

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Am really scared, will I ever stop feeling stupid? Don’t wanna give up on abilify, just feel so…impaired. Maybe cut tablet in half for next week and go from there.

Hang in there, it takes time to adjust. Work with your dr


I sometimes wonder if my mind has become impaired. I usually find out that I was just a little foggy, and I return to normal. I would caution against playing around with your med’s. I’m sure your doctor wouldn’t like it, and he has a lot of power over your situation right now.


i hope you’re feeling better, eduvigis