Best movie of all time: The world’s critics crown a new winner

The world’s movie critics say this is the best movie of all time. :exploding_head:


Well they didn’t ask for my opinion, so…


It’s a film that contrasts her soundworld in the kitchen compared to that of her living room. How typical of so many of us moderns! I can see why it won the prize, definitely.

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My favorite movie is Forrest Gump.
I don’t think it will ever change.
With that in mind, I can of course appreciate other good movies.

I have a radio in my kitchen which usually plays music or news. I don’t cook. I only eat there.

This whole “best movie of all times” dispute doesn’t imply everyone should agree. Art is very subjective. In chess or sports or math competitions, you can have a clear winner/loser distinction. But as regards film or music or theater, such boundaries vanish, which is a good thing.



I don’t see TCM2 or Army of Darkness on the list.



Oh my god!

Army of Darkness!

I LOVED Bruce Campbell when I was a kid.

Couldn’t get enough of that movie.

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I would say one of the best movies I’ve ever watched, is A Beautiful Nind. There are several scenes from the movie that are burned upon the retina of my mind’s eye. It seems even more relevant, since I have developed schizophrenia, obviously.

But I have several faves, including groundhog day, raising arizona, Forrest gump, the Evil Dead part 2, to name just a few

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It has to be better than trying to sit through Citizen Kane.


Interesting… They seem to have misspelled Jaws at the number one spot. As egregious as this is, I understand that mistakes do happen.

My niece would argue that the Disney movie “Zombies” is the greatest movie ever made, and while she is quite the critic, I don’t think her opinion should be trusted in this case. Her opinion has been questionable ever since she referred to her cool uncle as a “dork.”


the best movie ever made was “roadie” hands down.

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