Best MC/rapper?

My favourite is Kool Keith. What’s yours?

@turningthepage??? I don’t know many rappers.

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my brother swears Eminem is the best rapper out there. I don’t like rap except for maybe the beastie boys or red hot chili peppers. I do like DJ Messiah.

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I like the most famous ones the best, I think they’re successful for a reason

Tupac nas biggie Eminem big l is my top 5

I also like black star rakim jay z az etc…

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The 5 greatest rappers of all time? Think about it. Dylan…Dylan…Dylan, Dylan, and Dylan. Cause he spits hot fire.

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I bet no one gets my Dylan reference. My serious answer is Eminem. In terms of clever rhymes, you pretty much have to give it to him. As far as a great underrated rapper goes, I always felt Twista never got the recognition he deserved.

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Robert Zimmerman?

Dave chappelle dude I instantly new what you were talking about! Twista I like. lil Wayne deserves some credit too

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Glad somebody got it. Yeah Twisted Heat is one of my favorite rap songs of all time. It’s on all of my work out playlists.

Surprised Wu-Tang hasn’t been mentioned. Well, now they have!


Public Enemy! A couple already mentioned also Del the Funky Homosapien; there are so many good rappers.

Eminem is the God of rap. He transcended mortality. He will always be the best. Long after he is dead, he will still be the best.


I think you haven’t listened to enough Tupac. Tupac has the most hits by far. You’re entitled to your opinion but Tupac at least gives him a run for his money.

Nah, not even. :smile: I still think Wu-Tang as a unit takes the cake. The beats and lyrics are without parallel. Ever listened to Ghost’s stream-of-consciousness lyrics? Eminem’s rhymes are some of the worst.

Want an unknown but top-tier lyricist? Check out Can-I-Bus’ “Buckingham Palace” here:

My uncle after eating Mexican food. Oh sorry, I read the question wrong.

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Can all of us Eminem fans come together and agree that D12 is beyond garbage?

Ewww rap. Nasty stuff.

Run dmc is the best by far. I also really like will smith. His old stuff with jazzy jeff. Before he got into movies.

If you think Eminem’s got smart lyrics you should check out Atmosphere (Slug).
Don’t forghetti mom’s spaghetti :spaghetti: :slight_smile:

mine is grand master flash and furious five…
of course 2 pac the legend …
biggie and diddy…
usher snoop lion… lil wayne
nas,jay z ,slick rick,ludacris…
from new wiz khaifa,tyga,mackelmoore, etc…