Overrated rappers!

Tupac! :joy: I can’t stand Tupac. Thug life attitude he rapped about also ruined many lives of kids who took his music literally.


Tupac was corny too

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I have to agree. I’m more of an Ice T fan. And Ice Cube. They don’t try to be poets. But to each their own.

Ice t original gangster is a great album!

We have all of his albums. My husband is a huge fan. Dude can get dark.

Team Tupac

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I’m personally not the biggest fan of Eminem’s music. I can’t relate to the style.

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I saw the post subject and thought ALL OF THEM.


Eminem I couldn’t take seriously after he signed 50 cent and starting wearing a doo rag :joy: but his b side whatever album that came out is pretty good

Drake :joy: but I don’t think true hip hop fans rate him

I like some Eminem. Depends on the song.

Nelly is underrated dude seriously had like 15 hit songs and good beats love nelly

I kinda wish my husband was on here. He’d have a lot of opinions on this. Imma ask him.

I don’t know many rappers but I do like that express yourself song. :grimacing:… Forgot what they are called.

Ha, hubby said 6x9.

Mac Dre is overrated in the Bay Area! He’s good but all the annoying gangster kids doing the thizz face yuck :joy:

He also said theres a lot of them, but Eminem is right up there.

Busta rhymes is underrated great rapper imo

rap music is BS

I liked that song on the terrestrial radio that came out sort of recently called ‘Dynamite’. They’re prob white though… And that’s probably not rap.

I like Dua Lipa a lot. Is Da Baby a rapper? As you can probably tell I’m out of my depth.