Best idea what to do i don't want to worry my family

I have been getting distorted vision and paranoia this evening
minor paranoia - no worse than the last few weeks
(it has been frequent for weeks)
I am worried now because i have the vision of and a minute ago some of the panic as though i have been spiked with LSD
This is the most frequently occurring intro to a full schizophrenic episode (thinking I’ve been spiked)
only difference is i’m on here and i am still hoping I remain calm and lucid.

I think it can all be reasoned away with the time of year - everything looks different in electric light.
and the panic is not believable (i saw a car with exhaust making the street look like a war zone) -for a while i was a bit concerned that this was how i got spiked
which i haven’t been !

I’d rather share it all on here and speak to someone monday.

Go to a hospital. It may get worse

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Yes. At least call a help line.

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it was brief
i exaggerate all the time on here - just cos it is so scary
the thought that losing it completely is about to happen is a frequent occurrence for me

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