Best idea ever

right now i am 6 ft 187 pounds i am ok with this weight i still need to lose a little more tho and i know if i go on zyprexa i will become obese again nd i dont want that because i just lose 55 pounds (and gained 2 pounds because i have been eating more on abilify but right now my bmi is just a few pounds overweight so000i am not on meds right now so i am gonna not take any meds and i am gonna starve myself until i weigh like 130 pounds and am underweight so than when i go back on zyprexa i will just be at a normal weight instead of overweight or obese

This concerns me greatly, @sigarino :worried:


why does it concern you i can kinda see how it seems like a bad idea but i will only be underweight temporarily and i will be healthy once i take the meds again

Oh @sigarino I don’t want to see you starve yourself. That would be so hard on your body/brain - even if only temporary. Are you at all able to exercise?


i am too paranoid to leave my house to exercise and i am hearing voices it is hard to go anywhere or do anything i hate the only thing that works for my psychosis makes me gain a lot of weight and when i am off meds i am useless and suffering

Yup, I get it! Thing is, I’m really worried that starving yourself will make the paranoia and voices worse. Your brain needs food.

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130 lbs. is very thin for a person who is six feet tall. I think it would be a mistake for you to get down that low because your weight would just rebound when you got on the Zyprexa. It might balloon up higher than before. 187 lbs. at six foot sounds like a good weight to me. I’m 5’ 9" and I weigh 230. That’s too high I know. I’d give a lot to be six foot high and weigh 187.


I would just take your prescribed medication @sigarino.
What your saying is nonsense.
Your already losing your judgement.

You can lose weight on Invega.
It’s doable.


only thing is i kinda like my weight right now even tho i am still a little overweight but im not on meds ive tried alot of meds and they either dont work or make me gain weight so i will pretty much only be this weight until i get on working meds again

i dont think i am losing my judgement i just need a plan because i dont want to gain a bunch of weight again because than i will not be able to do physical activities as well it will be harder and i would tired quick and girls will not like me and that will make me get depressed and be alone for the rest of my life

It’s not impossible to lose weight on Invega.
Plus if you are concerned about high prolactin levels then you can ask your doctor to add low dose Abilify to the mix.
You should be more concerned with taking care of your mental health.
You worry about your weight a little too much.

i dont even know if invega will work for me i am thinking of going back on olanzapine because i was on it before and its been the only med to work for me and it was pretty much impossible for me to lose weight when i was on it before thats why i stopped taking it, also abilify made my psychosis worse

A man 6 foot tall and 130 lbs is anorexic. Not healthy. Try Geodon or Risperdal. They are not weight gainers.

So why don’t you go back on Zyprexa?
But make sure that you are eating lower carb foods and exercising more.

See a Nutritionist if you have to.
It’s better than starving yourself to death.

Also you can ask to go on the Zydis (Dissolvable) version of Zyprexa.
Some people notice that they don’t gain as much weight with this version.


@sigarino you won’t be alone for the rest of your life. Things will improve once these meds are sorted out.


i think i am gonna go on the zydis as i dont really have any other options for meds because my pdoc doesnt want me to go on a first gen ap and all the other atypicals i havent tried also cause weight gain and other bad side effects

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u dont understand that i really will be alone forever if i gain a bunch of weight on meds again i already am not very good looking so if i am fat it will just make things worse for me and i will probably be too embarassed of myself and sad to even try to not be alone

My doctor won’t go to the typicals either.
I’m kind of stuck with Risperdal.

Good luck @sigarino with your decision.
Zyprexa is a very effective med.
Just make sure that you include a strict diet and exercise program with it.

There is also a chance that you will lose some weight once you are on it for a while.

Your body needs to adjust.

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You’re right @sigarino I can’t fully understand your situation, nor am I qualified to comment on your meds or weight. I’m yet another mentally ill person on the internet; nonetheless, I really believe things will get better for you. According to your posts, I get the impression you’re really working hard on your recovery and improving your life. Please keep working with your doctor. :+1:


You can do aerobic exercise at home. :slight_smile:

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