How many of you are on a benzodiazepine? I know the opinion out there that benzos are evil but I find them to be one of the only things that helps with my anxiety, medication wise at least. I find pdoc opinions vary so much on this topic. One Pdoc has no problem what so ever writing me a script for 1mg Ativan twice a day. Then one of my Pdoc gave me a script for Klonopin to take for sleep then also as a prn so essentially I was getting 60 per month. Then I switched Pdocs again and they wouldn’t give me more than 7 per month, eventually they took away my script completely. My current Pdoc writes me a script for Klonopin 1mg PRN and I get 10 per month. What’s everyone’s opinion on this?


Hello dear. I take trazodone at night. Knocks me on my ass excuse the language. I hear from my doctor friend that benzos will make an addict. From Larry, wish you the best Hanna.

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Trazadone unfortunately doesn’t work for me. And if a benzo is taken only twice a week can you still get addicted?

My old pdoc used to give them to me, but I am not sure if his replacement will.

I was on 30mg of Diazepam a day for a year before.

I have a few packs left that I use as PRN but I will run out soon

People need to realise if you have an illness like ours we actually need them sometimes

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I like them. I use them as little as possible because my body gets used to them so quickly and I need higher and higher doses. So to avoid that I soon for no more than 3 per week. But my doctor writes my script for 1 a day so I always have them if I need them.


You build tolerance to them quickly and need more and more dose to bring the same effect. Try these natural alternatives which doesn’t build tolerance and safe too.

Phosphatidylserine Sunflower Version
Tulsi Tea (Holy Basil)
Chamomile Tea

Coming from a nurses’ perspective, i would recommend that you use them as little as you possibly can. Primarily, as you’re already aware, because they are so addictive, and can be harder to come off of than heroin. However, coming at this from someone who has Sz, i believe in having it available as a prn, as i have to take it every now and then to control symptoms. So i’m not against them, just for careful management.

My psychiatrist is against the use of benzos but has subscribed me 2 boxes just in case.
When I’m in the beginning of an episode, I take benzos

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I find they can be helpful but they make me depressed. My first round if Rx included the lowest dose if xanax 3 times a day (which I thought was weird). I wrote suicide notes and I’m not typically a suicidal person. It was immediately changed and didn’t feel like sting any longer once the xanax was gone.

They are very addictive too.

Xanax 1mg twice a day. Prn an extra 0.5mg, if I run out of 0.5mg she’ll write me for more right away. But we’ve found since not on an AP or AD right now, the anxiety has been bad, and she said I shoulda been on these for years while rotating thru meds like candy. Maybe end of March I can cut down, we’ll see. But gotta wait for the new drug to be available.

I got Ativan for when I get worked up, don’t use it much

I’ve taken Ativan most of my life. I started with .5 mg and ended with 2 mg. My new pdoc won’t prescribe it. He gives me Vistaril.

My opinion is if you can live without benzos, do so.
Xanax is what “triggered” my sz. I took it for insomnia but I quickly became dependent. My pdoc said I could " just stop the xanax and I would be okay." I haven’t been okay since and I would have never believed how painful the withdrawals could be.

Zyprexa works best for me it’s also called Thienobenzodiazepine it has the same base element as benzodiazepines.
I don’t take a prn but sometimes I wonder if I’m really off benzodiazepines

Benzos are a toughy. Both my psychiatrist and my primary care docs aren’t willing to prescribe them to me. I mainly have intense social anxiety.

IMO, they can be used but only in severe cases.

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