Belief vs. Anti-Belief

Something to think about:

Most people are raised to believe (see below; it’s crucial). Some of their beliefs are relatively accurate reflections of what is actually so at any given time. Some of their beliefs are not so accurate. And some are obviously so far off the mark that we are surprised when we hear them stated… and even shocked when we hear how ardently they are defended.

Very few people are raised to look to see, listen to hear, and sense to feel. Yet, that is essentially what research scientists do. They observe. But, having no direct, personal experience of what rigorous, hard-evidence-based, peer-reviewed, scientific research actually is, most will never know from belief.

Some say these people will remain in something like a box, a prison cell, or a locked vault of verbal ideas about what actually is… that may or may not be even remotely accurate.

accept (something) as true; feel sure of the truth of.
"the superintendent believed Lancaster’s story"
synonyms: be convinced by, trust, have confidence in, consider honest, consider truthful, regard as true, accept, be convinced by, give credence to, credit, trust, put confidence in;
informal: swallow, buy, go for
hold (something) as an opinion; think or suppose.
"I believe we’ve already met"
synonyms: think, be of the opinion that, have an idea that, imagine, suspect, suppose, assume, presume, take it, conjecture, surmise, conclude, deduce, understand, be given to understand, gather, fancy, guess, dare say,
informal: reckon, figure

What do you think?


I was having a conversation with my folks about multi vitamins,

on , Do they actually work? or is it for peace of mind? or is it the benefit of having peace of mind that has a positive influence on the body? so whether the multi works or not based on its chemical makeup or ones belief in the power it may contain.

if it works it works. if it doesn’t try something different.

just one example of type of belief id thought about lately.

When i was studying about imagology (a literary method which observes construction of stereotypical images) I read that our interpretation of reality is inevitably built on prejudices or previous experiences. That is just how it works for humans.

Religious belief is completely foreign to me. I have one grandmother who goes to church once a year or something, the rest I think are not religious. Atheism (meaning the belief that there are no gods) is just as weird to me as being religious. It’s like automatically taking the opposite stance just to show your disapproval. Anti-belief is still belief.

Edit: just want to add that as a child I went through a period when I called myself Christian because my teacher was Christian and a period when I called myself atheist because people around me said they were atheists. But we never actually expressed beliefs like this in my home.


My older brother told me you get a real strong sense of that when you do acid. I’ve heard that other places too. You get a real strong sense of how we color and distort reality with our preconceptions. That’s why back in the day people said they were “expanding their consciousnesses” when they took acid. That was the going thing. Take a little hit of acid and get instant enlightenment. Personally, I never got to do any of the good acid. The acid I did only gave me tracers and mild hallucinations.

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Many people rely on their perception as "reality " when many don’t regard all human views are likely prejudiced. Edgar cayce mayve gone beyond but even psychic views are prejudiced and cannot judge the whole. So anyone that regards "fact " is playing the fool to me. Even in concepts as simple as the sky is blue… is it to a dog ?

well i find this interesting for the position i find myself in now. my husband is dead and i am a single parent faced with hobson’s choice.
if you believe in god then if i make one paticular choice i am doomed in the hereafter and if i make another choice i am doomed in this life…i am running out of time literally and i have yet to choose. i am a good person in a horrendous situation…the only question is…is my faith strong enough to carry me through the hardest time of my life and thereafter…if i pick one choice, i will probably die…if i pick another and there is an afterlife like it says in the bible, i will probably go to hell if it exists…
does god understand my predicament i wonder?? would he be understanding of my wariness of believing? i honesly don’t know…i don’t know god…none of us do…it is said that if you you truly repent then your sins are forgiven…so if you repent and feel you have virtually no choice but to accept a horrific future does that mean you are forgiven?
i don’t know what god would think of psychic phenomena and practicing it for financial gain…would it be frowned upon i wonder…i don’t see why as if there is such a thing then surely it is a gift from god??? is it stealing??? again i don’t know…it would feel ok i think…and if you used that financial gain to help others what then??
right now i am faced with an horrific choice and i want this noted…do or die…personnally i think i’ll die anyway as it’ not looking good…sorry to talk in riddles but i am in a quandry…i have a psychic awarenes of things that could net me money but i am loathe to use it…were i to see a car crash and avoid it because i saw it before it happened people would say, yup, god;s gift of clairvoyance but to use it for financial gain seems wrong somehow…or maybe that;s just my chldhood script coming out…i recieved a message when i was 13 or 14 seemingly from god…it has become relevent now…he promised me an escort to heaven after i died or somewhere…i don’t know…the only bit i got was that i have some form of protection after i die…but whether that is based in the choice i make today i don’t know. would you die for your god?? willingly??? it;s funny that most people say they would but when push comes to shove they won’t actually go through with it…i’'m not talking about suicide but moreover a conscious choice…personally i think the choice will be taken out of my hands…i’m just waiting on the results now…i don;t think i can do what i am expected to do but i can;t countenounce dying for nothing either…if i had faith maybe the choice would be easier…
i was never a religious person…i mean i went to church a few times when i was a kid because ,my best friend was a christian but my family are both aethests and agnostics so religion was always frowned upon in my family but when you get a message from a ghost that god has promised protection what the hell are you supposed to do with that?
who would know better than a ghost who’d been dead six years right?? he at least is on the next stage of life whereas i am still living and have no idea…i cannot countenounce some of what i know…i can;t live with being responsible…i feel like the guy that split the bloody atom and look what that was used for…so many dead…but my invention is even wose than that…there are souls without bodies to go into, there are souls just winked out in the blink of an eye, there are people waiting for loved ones on the other side that will never appear because they were never born …there are people dying in accdents and of illnesses because their lives have been changed without their consent and these animals don’t give a ■■■■…maybe if i was a heartless bitch i wouldn;t either but i’m not and i can;t use this faculty even if it is available to me…i think the message was that god understands. i hope so …when i asked the question of a few people would you kill to save your own life i was met with a resounding yes…so i asked how many? how many people would you kill to save your own life? 1? 3? 25? 100??? howabout 3 million or so?? i was still met wth a resounding yes, anyone would…well i guess i’m not just anyone then because what makes my single life more important than 3 million others???
i will not use it…
i shall use my psychic faculty instead…if i earn then so be it…if not then so be it again…i know i dont have long left and it;s heart breaking. my husband already paid with his life just for being with me…and now it seems it;s my turn…i’m not sure of this yet as i’m waiting on a diagnosis…but something is drastically wrong…
i can only hope that god understands and does send that escort afterall…i#ll let you know the outcome of my choice soon enough…do i believe??? well lets just say i’m hedging my bets.

oh no Jayne I hope you get good tests back from the doctor.??? I will be praying for you.

I have faith in Jesus and it is the only reason I’m still alive because I know it’s not my life to take if I want it to end. I am thinking of going to church with my art instructor. She invited me.

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Cognitive dissonance. Only way to describe conversations with ‘climate change’ nuts. Doesn’t matter how much actual data you present them with that contradicts their beliefs, they’re still right and you’re still a denier.

I’ve had more enlightening conversations with brick walls.


About the most common belief…and because it is really pissing me of…

People like to put the limits on what they find discomforting. And ‘discomforting’ or ‘disturbing’ mostly means ‘different than me’.
So. There we have an universal values, such as love. At one point, because most of us function by the principle of efficacy, commodity and homogeneity, our individual sense of what is love-acceptable becomes a collective belief.

Which means that we believe we define ‘acceptable’ based on some mysterious “universal” values or, worse, “common sense” when its really all about our personal sub/conscious urge for above mentioned conformities.

We judge and abject everything that disturbs identity, system, order.

Which makes me think, is anatomy really a destiny?

How can you destroy the belief if that’s the way your organism works and it would die if someone take that from you.?

What we call ‘universal values’ is the most dangerous thing in the world, and I’m not the first to say that.
It also makes me really freaking angry.

I am a scientist. It makes it hard to relate to most people.

Hmm ,

Not Trying To Intrude … ,

but Could You ( if you have tha T(Y)me ) , Could You Explain Simplistically , What , “Universal Values” Are … ,

e(Y)e Am Aware Of POLYFAUNA’s UNIVERSAL EVERYTHING but Am Unaware of Tha Subject You Have Brought Up …

A value is “universall value” if it has the same worth for all or almost all people…
But when you look closely, it is always about cultural norms or dominant paradigms or ideologies that creates ‘values’ for privileged group of people and then say its for all.

Like, freedom. We all want freedom. But, whose freedom? Who decides about it? Under what circumstances?

We cannot avoid universal values but we can keep questioning them.

But is that something like “genetically innate?” Or is it more like “conditioned, socialized, habituated and normalized?” Because if one observes infants and toddlers who have NOT yet been c’d, s’d, h’d and n’d, one does not see prejudices or complex, social behaviors (yet) built on previous experiences. Are we just genetic robots? Or are we “learning machines?” And if so…

Who the hell are the in-struct-ors?

Thank You Young One … ,

Carry On … ,

Here’s a SonggG Fur Ya , Yo Yo … ,

Hope Tis Naught Insulting To Your Premonitions …

Dig into some of this stuff on “placebo effects” to see how powerful belief can be if you’re sufficiently intrigued. Behaviorally conditioned suggestibility, credulity (or predisposition to accept authoritarian pronouncement) and even genes.

Interesting (to me, anyway) that religious belief (very often to exclusion of any other kind) is what comes up as belief for many, many people when they are asked about their “beliefs.” (Because, after all, there are many other kinds; e.g. political, economic, social, family, school-taught, corporate, military, etc.)

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As is the case with medications, don’t the effects of hallucinogens come down to a particular molecule entering a particular physiological environment?

))) In Honour of “notmoses” (((


Please Enjoi …

Jiddu Krishnamurti, Chogyam Trungpa, Stephen Levine, Pema Chodron, Thich Nhat Hanh, Charles Tart, Arthur Deikman, Joel Kramer and Alan Watts all seemed to agree that reality does not exist in continuing time. They all (as some Hindus, and all Buddhists and Taoists do) assert that what is only is when it is, and that in an infinitesimal fragment of a second what is must (of physical and chemical necessity) become something different, or… what was.

That in itself complicates the matter of “continuing belief” enough for my eyes to start wobbling. Because it became evident to me that one cannot believe in what is. One can only believe in what was or could be in a future that has not yet happened to either prove or disprove it.

Think about this even for a few minutes, and the relevance of it to the way some with sz patients think becomes pretty self-evident (at least to me) as being just a more extreme version of the at least slightly deluded way almost everyone thinks when they believe something rather than just keep on observing what is in each new moment of “now.”

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