Balancing beliefs and delusions

Beliefs are everything you hold true. Delusions are things you hold true that others hold false. In general, beliefs are true and delusions are false. What if there was a middle road, a nonpolarizing road? What if beliefs and delusions were just ideas that we hold strongly or dear? Can we step away from a polarizing philosophy?

It’s like electricity - it’s either on or it’s not. Something is either true or false, not kinda true or kinda false.

everyone’s truth is different it is called perception.
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i could say that religious people r delusional but the rest of the world would call that a belief system…i could start a religion tomorrow. with one member it’s a delusion, with 500 members it’s a cult, with 5 million members it’s a respectable religion…yep belief or delusion is just a case of counting members.

I don’t think you guys get it and are still polarized. It’s not two things, it’s one thing.

Electricity has voltages. It can be gradually on to the point where a light bulb won’t glow.

Belief is something one holds true. You are describing belief, not perception.

Belief is something you hold true. Thats it. Beliefs are just a small part of religion which includes practices, rites, worship, stories, etc. Religion and schizophrenia both share strongly held ideas. So does politics. The problem is that people aren’t supposed to hold onto delusions. I would say if the delusion helps a person’s functioning or attitude, or life they should be able to hold onto it. Would you risk a breakdown by taking it away?

perception- act or faculty of perceiving ,intuitive recognition ( of truth, aesthetic quality ) .
if i perceive something to be true/a truth ’ the world is flat " or the " world is round ".
a scientist comes along and proves the " the world is round " , it becomes true.
i perceive a big fluffy white bunny sitting next to me whlie i type this , is this a belief or a delusion ?.
a belief is based on a truth or confidance, acceptance and i believe the bunny is there, and is about to make me a cup of tea ! or is he…
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Those would be called hallucinations, not delusions. A delusion is like “I am the universe.” I believe one can be deluded about their hallucinations. For example I might hear a noise like a helicopter and feel something in my throat, but the delusion is that something is controlling what I am saying through an energy beam emitted from the helicopter. Perhaps a better term is misperception.

Ok what about someone on death row. A jury believes he is guilty. Everyone involved in the process to kill them also believes it (beyond a shadow of doubt)-except the convicted person who believes they are innocent, therefore delusional?
Cut to the DNA lab discovering the convicted person didn’t do it after all.
Truth don’t change, most delusions don’t either, but beliefs can.
The line between delusion and belief is whether someone else believes you or not.
Can we step aside from a polarizing philosophy?
No, not as long as you describe beliefs are true and delusions are false.

Some people might believe that nothing changes, that time and the universe are fixed. In other words, everything is determined in advance, and there isn’t much we can do about it.

My dad bought my mom a big bunny for Easter once. I would not be surprised.

I have a few beliefs that I will probably always keep as real that most people would call crazy. I have also had a lot of beliefs that I now call crazy beliefs.

I’m more about finding a word where I have a belief, but I’m somewhat doubtful about it. According to the dictionary and some philosophers, that is not a belief. It’s likely that two other people I know believe it. I would rather not call it a delusion or a belief, but my t calls it a delusion in her ignorance of the situation. One person I know calls a belief and a delusion the same thing if that doesn’t blow your mind. You could combine perception and misperception the same way. Again, if you hold something somewhat true and somewhat false, what is it? Faction?

I know someone who can analyze her and others emotions intuitively, between floors and across the house. I’m not supposed to reveal this to anyone because she could lose her kid to foster care. It makes her very good at expecting the unexpected, and sometimes she can surprise people with her analysis. Would you call this empathy ( yes there’s a word for it) ? Is my belief in empathy a delusion?

Ideas that you hold strongly are either functional or dysfunctional. I would say we should leave the harmless and functional ones alone. If I reach out to god and god gives me peace, isn’t that good? What if the person or entity i reach out to with my mind is on the other side of the world? Does it matter whether it’s God or not? Can a strong belief and trust in a person pull you through tough times?

I think congress has been dysfunctional for some time. What med should we give them?

A belief is something that you would place high on the probability rating of being true.

A belief and a truth are not one in the same. One is only dependent upon a belief if one is located at a distance from the truth in the first place. You can’t be at a distance from the truth, thus be in the zone of less than truth, and not be a distance from the truth, and thus be in contact with the truth, at the same time.