Being left behind ( please comment)

Being left behind

Im in that frame of mind
where suicide is over my head,
when im pretty emotionless
and id rather, well, be dead.

im in that kinda mood
where time ticks away,
and i dont really notice
if its night or if its day.

im in that wasteful state
where talking is a chore,
thinking has taken over
and im lifeless on the floor.

Im inside this broken body
stuck in this broken mind
trapped inside this blackened soul
being left behind.

Nice poem. I can relate. Life is not all bad though. There is laughter. Do you remember laughter?

i have not laughted in a while. struggling at the moment. there is joy out there. just gotta find it again

do you have any good friends you can think about?

i have a couple of close friends. i do not like to burden them. try to cope alone. . i vent with my poetry

Yeah I dont like to burden my friends either. They are so normal. Im oddball amongst oddballs at least thats how I feel right now. Still you can escape yourself by thinking about them the times they made you laugh the reasons you appreciate them. Tune your self into the love man.

your welcome to comment on my other poems :slight_smile: