Being isolated from people

I never disclosed to my current psychiatrist I had been diagnosed with schizophrenia and I think he is opposed to me identifying with the label. I don’t know how to approach the situation, because I don’t have mood swings. I’m Diagnosed as Bipolar 1 because in rehab I told them I was bipolar as it was a more acceptable and as a co occurring diagnosis . I don’t have an addiction I just need to change my life around. Like with schizophrenia and other labels I feel AFTER the treatment I began to develop symptoms of the disorder. Like I didn’t do crack cocaine before I went to rehab and I had never shot up. I had to say for 100 hours a week that I was an addict and at the rehab they got mad and were unsure I was an addict. I overdosed on heroin so I was sent to rehab but it was more of a mistake and I haven’t touched it again. Then I wasnt allowed to come home from rehab and my parents wanted to live in the halfway house. I guess they thought it would fix me. Now they’ve taken my car and are trapping me at the house. I keep trying to get rides just to go socialize but idk I’m financially trapped. I’m not bipolar or schizophrenic but I’m getting on food stamps. Idk this all makes no sense I’m sitting alone all day with no advice

He’ll have your medical records from your previous psychiatrist I assume.

I asked him. But he still refused to say he knew of the label and it bothered me.

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I’ve been in this area for 16 years I haven’t left. I’m trapped here. I have no income no resources no transportation. Applied for food stamps and was approved so I guess that’s the first step. The thing is: if I just had the right env and things were back to normal i could prob find a job or go back to college which I want to do so badly

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I’m just trying not to lapse into a depression or start getting borderline and do wreckless things because I’m lost and never had a future.

Just because I’m a woman does not make it ok to label me Bipolar

Can you sue for being coerced into a rehab when ur clean and can prove it damaged you? It made me into an addict. I was not an addict. I was clean a month before sent to rehab after the OD my dad did it for my “protection”

I don’t know but it seems your all over the place. Are you being truthful with your doctors and parents. Are you on meds? Do you need meds? How old are you?

I am being truthful. I’m medicated but I don’t have any symptoms so I don’t know if I’m schizophrenic. Not that it matters. I’m trying to get my life on track. Having a bad day. It’s hot and even though I’m on the injection I skipped the medication last night. I’m supposed to take Topamax but I’m scared to start it.

If you have no symptoms what makes you think you have schizophrenia?

Being Diagnosed with it before? I don’t think it was a mistake even though I’m medicated I could have symptoms resurface again in adult life. That’s why I’ve agreed to take the injection. I don’t think Bipolar is the same thing though. I’m afraid of depression I usually remain apathetic. Started Topamax had the weirdest side effects.

I mean it’s pretty easy to know whether or not you’re hearing voices in your head or seeing things that aren’t there. You either are or you aren’t. I hear voices daily, and they say lots of things. I see pictures in my mind with no source. It makes it easy not to question my diagnosis.

The other surefire sign you’ve got schizophrenia, and this one hasn’t been an issue with me lately but is for most schizophrenics, is that you’re obsessed with being tracked or followed or attacked by people you are close to.

If I never had any of those issues (I have the first one and used to have the second) I would never have accepted my diagnosis.

I guess I don’t have schizophrenia anymore. I did file for disability a year or so ago and when I did the assessment I was denied assistance and diagnosed with bipolar and anxiety not schizophrenia and told I was relatively stable and normal. I don’t know what I’m taking medication for then. I’m not depressed; they changed my diagnosis from schizophrenia to bipolar but kept my treatment the same: anti psychotic injection of abilify once a month. I don’t know what the issue is. Would really like to know why I’m taking medication…

Guess I threw 15 years of my life to a freaking label that was a lie!! Paranoid schizophrenia was a joke that they played to excuse overdosing me and experimenting on me as a youth for insurance purposes. Just admit it big pharma you messed up! You lied! You ruined my life and nearly killed me! You made me suicidal! You didn’t care. You’re schizophrenia is a for profit money making machine it was all a lie, abilify test subject.

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