Been in Repression sence the 80's

that was the last time the rase my income to help meet my needs, sence then all the money that I would have got went to the war department to fight wars over seas. now wages are 10 times higher then what I was making. this is so unfair…

I wish we could get other countries like Germany and Japan to take over the job of policing the world, except a rearmed Japan would send shock waves through the orient, and a militarized Germany would make Russia very nervous. I’m afraid we’re stuck with the job. I still think the invasion of Iraq was a big mistake, and probably the invasion of Afghanistan too. We should have gone after Bin Laden with special operations teams, but not invaded the whole country. Now the US and China are facing off over the South China Sea, with possibly terrible consequences for both countries. I wish we could let them have the South China Sea. All the natural gas there would replace the coal China uses to generate electricity, with a beneficial effect on global warming. We’re committed by treaty to protecting the interests of the smaller countries in the region, and we can’t back out of that.

Wow, @crimby, you sound very well versed in world politics. Could I ask you what news sources you use?