Been hearing voices

And not sleeping for days on end and i just got my shot what should i do?

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Found this:

A Review of the Effects of Nicotine on Schizophrenia and Antipsychotic Medications | Psychiatric Services (

" RESULTS: Smoking improves processing of auditory stimuli (sensory gating) by patients with schizophrenia and may lessen negative symptoms by increasing dopamine in the nucleus accumbens and the prefrontal and frontal cortex."

I would recommend nicotine intake from vaping rather than combustible tobacco.

However, Caffeine can increase positive symptoms:

The results of this study suggest that, when comparing moderate andhigh caffeine intake, patients with schizophrenia consuming moderatedoses of caffeine demonstrate better executive function while patientswith high caffeine intake have fewer negative symptoms and more positivesymptoms.

Regular Caffeine Intake in Patients with Schizophrenia: Cognition and Symptomatology (

Also wait for the shot to take effect.

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Don’t take the voices too seriously.

It is just what you expect to hear. Nothing supernatural about it. If you believe in the mumbo jumbo then you are likely to hear voices along those lines.

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me rn i cant handle people im isolating and even minimized using internet very minimum…dont and cant rationalize the complications…i dont have the energy am exhausted…i would be proud that u are surviving thats what im feeling, please take care. call a family member or friend…maybe adjust ur meds. i had to do that. computer is now on 1 percent so over and out.


i cant handle lack of sleep anymore. 20s id stay up three days max. now i lose it if i dont sleep. talk to your doctor and be honest to them about this.

sometimes i wake up at 2 am and cant sleep till 4. i can barely cope with that.

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