Because of dry mouth side effect, i often forget to drink

I just don´t know when im thirsty. And i dont drink then. I drink at work but not when i am at home. For an example, a few days ago i arrived from a night shift, i went to bed of course and when i woke up and right to the moment i went to work again i drank nothing. Not even a drop of water. Only 3 cups of coffee :confused:

So 2 days ago i went to take a leak and it hurt me while i was peeing. It hurt me also a few days before that. I got scared i might get kidney stones from not drinking and now i am focing myself to drink even if i dont know im thirsty.

When im at home druring my work days i force myself to drink 1.5 litre of water.

What about you?

I drink two liters of water each day, I’m always thirsty, I think it’s from the benzos