My brain feels as dry as bubble gum

I just can’t drink enough water.

Best to call a health line asap for advice.

I drink 75 cl at a time and that usually fixes any dehydration feelings

As I’m fond of saying when people complain about thirst : it could be diabetes.

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Did you OD or take anything you weren’t suppose to? have you started any new medication just recently?

I didn’t mean to sound an alarm. Another way of saying it is “thick headed”. I’m quite sure it’s just dehydration. With the furnace on, the atmosphere in the house has changed.

I did OD once back in the 70’s but I never went to a hospital about it. I just feel asleep and awhile later a guy came into my room and woke me up. It could be just a bad memory of that. I had just lost a job that was my whole life.:cry:

Sorry to hear. What else in life makes you happy?

flavor packs should work on desertion to water.
They give good taste.:potable_water:

High scores when playing Free Cell.