Bad Or Good?

Prevails ?

Whats your opinion?

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In world?
I could be definitely called pessimistic…
but on what I see on news - literally bad. Bad people gets the highest positions, are the most influencing and has the most power.

but talking about normal, everyday human life… 50/50. Depends on person’s life. Some somehow has the worst experiences ever, while some has very little strugle.

Actually, conclusion - IDK.


Good. Mwahahahahaha

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Bad prevails silently and good prevails loudly. Cruelty wins over love

Either one can prevail at any moment given the right circumstances.

But for anyone feeling scared just remember what Mr. Rogers said: “Look for the helpers.”

The world still has a lot of genuinely good people doing amazing things every day. You’re just not going to hear about them on the news. You’ll definitely hear on the news how someone went on a killing spree with a hammer. But are you going to hear about an ex heroin addict who turned his life around and now runs a kitten adoption agency?


Good… a lot of sports going on now and the Seahawks will prevail to win the bowl this year. Hahahaha and i will the lottery this week? You think?

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