Bad month so far


Having started the month with a make you want to cut your head off toothache, then infection that made my face and lips swell like a botched botox operation, I had to go on antibiotics (forcing me to leave the house to get checked out and get them), I have a follow up appointment at dentist who infoms me I need dental surgery to get the nerve sorted out at a hospital miles from my house. I now have to wait to hear what the hospital says about my x-ray.

Then today, while cutting onions, the onion slipped And I badly cut and maul my hand, I thought it might need stitches, but luckily the deep cuts on two fingers are hacked up but stopped bleeding. I had to go to the shop and get savlon as they didn’t have TCP.

What ever is next in this cursed birthday month? :rage:


I’m a cautious driver, but yesterday I broke the side view mirror on my passenger side. I got too close to one of those orange barrels in a construction area.



thats terrible, well hopefully you got all the bad over with and it will just be smooth sailing from here on out


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